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Monday Reflection – Oct 30

We run our own lives and expect God to bless it. Prayer often is an afterthought or a ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’.

Don’t rush into a day without asking God what He wants you to do – for HIM, others and for yourself.

We make plans the previous night and add more to the list, as the day progresses. Instead, offer yourselves up to Him and let Him decide.

God has a better plan for us than we have for ourselves…and every one of us, is in ministry every day. Some of us minister from a platform, the rest – all over the world. Better ask the Creator for His plans. Eight billion people. Infinite possibilities to love God and man. If we obey God daily.

Unexpected new entries by God in your life can turn out to be heaven’s best surprises – only if you stay open to Him in every area.

God is love. And love always wants the bestest for us. Thank Him for life and run the race His way.

#LetGodDecide #OGiveThanksToTheLord

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