In the glaring hot sun, nearly 5,000 filled the streets of downtown Denver in a Eucharistic procession on Sunday, June 9, in what was likely the largest Eucharistic procession in the city’s history. Led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, the procession began with a Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on Colfax Avenue and Logan Street, where attendees were lining the walls, cramming the aisles, and filling even the baptistry area around the baptismal font. “Every time you and I gaze upon the Eucharist, every time you and I see the Eucharist, what we see is bread and wine,” Aquila said in his homily. “But what we believe is [strange to the world]. It is truly the body, blood, soul, divinity of Jesus Christ.” Aquila encouraged attendees to consider what lens through which they look at the world, whether it’s ideological or through “the eyes of Jesus.” Participants sang hymns in English, Spanish, and Latin as the Eucharist made its way through Denver. “For this is God, the very God who hath both men and angels made,” the participants sang as they followed the Eucharist along the street. But for much of the procession, people were simply quiet, bearing the hot day, carrying their prayer intentions with them, or having meaningful conversations and offering to pray for one another. More than halfway through, the procession stopped in front of the Colorado state capitol building, over which hung a pride flag. The archbishop raised the monstrance in Benediction as attendees stopped to watch and pray. Finally, the pilgrimage reached Holy Ghost Church, a church of mosaic and marble. The original parish building was dedicated in 1924. One hundred years later, the parish, now a Spanish and Italian Renaissance-inspired building, stands firm, guarded by sentinel skyscrapers as it faces the buzz of daily traffic. After the long day, the weary sunburned pilgrims received Benediction from Archbishop Aquila, then slowly drifted into the cool building, praying quietly in adoration.

(Picture Courtesy: Kate Quiñones/CNA)

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