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Christ & Co’s podcaster is Vinay Antony Payyapilly, who as a young lad, badgered Dubai FM92’s Chris Manders and Richard Coram, asking them to play the likes of Come Boney Love (Can’t Buy Me Love) which they patiently did. Many years and much IT expertise later (Microsoft is one of the companies he worked for) Vinay took to the air himself. An avid reader and cyclist, he lives in Hyderabad with his lovely wife, two children and their dog. 

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  • Episode 18: Abortions, Contraceptives and Choice 18 July 2021
    Similarly, the authority of the church is made up of men. When men who live with women everyday cannot understand their needs and problems, how can we expect men who have take a vow of celibacy to understand?
  • Episode 17: Immature Faith 4 July 2021
    Today I’d like to discuss a Malayalam movie, Guru. Released in 1997, the movie stars Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi in … More
  • Episode 16: Moral Judiciary 20 June 2021
    A Moral Judiciary On May 15, the Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed a plea from a couple. They young … More
  • Episode 15: Father’s Day 13 June 2021
    Hi! Vinay here to bring you a special episode of One New Commandment. If you are wondering why I am … More
  • Episode 14: Unwanted Miracles 6 June 2021
    Welcome to another episode of One New Commandment. In this episode, I would like to address a topic that has … More
  • Episode 13: Disguisded Hate 23 May 2021
    In a world filled with so much hate and anger, it is important to remember Jesus’ one commandment – Love one another as I have loved you. Instead of looking for ways to hate, we need to search for ways to love. Instead of looking for what makes the other person different from us, we […]
  • Episode 12: Mother’s Day 9 May 2021
    May 9th is celebrated in most countries as Mother’s Day. The idea originated over a hundred years ago when Anna Jarvis arranged for a memorial service for her mother. Soon others followed suit, and the second Sunday of May was designated as Mother’s day. The idea is to honor the sacrifices that mothers make for […]
  • Episode 11: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate 25 April 2021
    Hi folks, Vinay here with another episode of One New Commandment. Today, we will be taking a look at to … More
  • Episode 10 – Parable of the Talents 24 January 2021
    How many clothes does one really require? How many shoes? How many purses or watches? Or for that matter, how many houses?
  • Episode 9: What does it mean to love Him? 10 January 2021
    Photo by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he … More
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