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Monday Reflection – Oct 24

Prayer is such a beautiful thing that many have written about it. But it does not have to be complex.

A simple prayer is better than a prayer never prayed.

Challenges may be there – satan might make you feel unworthy, you may feel like your prayers have been unfruitful, you may not know how to pray or you may not even know the Lord.

Keep it simple and heartfelt.

Ask the Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name. When we pray in Jesus’ name, we are presenting to God the Father all that Jesus is, not what we are.

Make the Holy Spirit your best friend. Then let HIM lead you moment by moment.

Pray the Word over your life. It is for us and it is free to all.

The enemy will stop you from praying because he know just how powerful it is. Just begin. You may have down days, but come back. It is not a contest.

Be assured that whenever you connect with heaven, power is released to work in the situation you have prayed about.

Lord, please open the doors You want to open.

And close the doors You want to close, so tightly shut, that we know it’s definitely not Your will for us.

Either way, we want Your hand on our lives.

#PrayingCeaselessly #InHisService

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