Written by 7:20 pm Spiritual Warfare

Monday Reflection – Feb 14

What happens when you have a dream from God and it dies? Many times?

Don’t chase anyone else’s dream and don’t give up and run back to a mediocre ‘second best dream’ just because of exhaustion from the wait or pressures from family, friends or authority.

Examine yourself and see what in YOU is the biggest block to your dream. May be you are the only one standing in the way of God’s dream for you.

When you were pursuing the dream FIRST, even if it was from God – you had created an idol.

Let God be back on His rightful throne and let Him lead. Be honest. Cry out to Jesus.

Put on His armour and come back to fight His way. Then His mountain-shattering power will amaze you.

#RelentlessForJesus #DreamingHisDreamsAlone

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