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Monday Reflection – Aug 9

Have you ever taken an entire day off and done nothing but be alone with God?

PRAISING HIM for everything you have and everything that’s on the way.

Talking to God. Prioritising HIM. Letting God speak through the Bible.

Asking, “God, what direction do you want my feet headed today?”

God speaks to people who take time to listen — not just for a day, but moment by moment.

You think you don’t have time for this? You do that for work, people, useless trivialities. We’re talking about figuring out why you’re here on earth and your eternity, so make the time.

There are children who go to a parent only for needs. Then there are children who know their parents’ every heartbeat, their voice. Be the kind whose ears are inclined to your Heavenly Father’s.

#TalkToGod #JesusWaits

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