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Easy Rasamalai

Rasamalai is a very popular Indian sweet – softy dumplings soaked in sweetened milk flavoured with rose water.

These rasamalai are so simple to make and taste exceptional.

Boil 2 cups milk with 1 cup sugar. Cook on low flame until it gets thickened (reduced to half)

Add some sliced almonds and slivered pistachios.

Flavour with 1 tsp rosewater or kewra water. Set aside.

Make Rasamalai balls with 1 cup milk powder to which a beaten egg is added. Add a pinch of baking powder. Mix well and form into balls.

Add these balls into the milk mixture and cook on medium flame until they double in size. Refrigerate.

Serve chilled garnished with more almond and pistachio slivers.

By Firdous Basheer

Firdous is a mathematics tutor par excellence, and an award-winning chef and homemaker. She is a devoted wife and beloved mum to two boys, both studying for their engineering degrees. She has lived a major chunk of her life in the Middle East – in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia for the last 24 years. She is also an avid gardener who prides herself on raising homegrown vegetables. That, coaching children in mathematics online and catching up with friends in her spare time – are her passions.

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