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Why am I still here?

A caregivers’ ears hear many things. No one’s life is ever free of difficulties of some sort and each life has a path and a purpose only they will be able to fulfil.

“I don’t know why I am still here.” a 90-year-old says to me. “That must mean you still have wisdom to pass on to us.” I tell him.

Wisdom however, is not always passed on easily. Quite possibly the wisdom our own life possesses may not even be apparent to us while we’re living.  Is this what frustrates our existence and stirs up anger or restlessness in us?

Attempting to live out our purpose and understand why we are still here is often a struggle.

Although some pretty bits of wisdom are sometimes spoken sweetly and appear to come with ease. A number of my experiences could be better explained as a scavenger hunt. The Wisdom may only be revealed to me after being preceded by many long days of hearing statements such as “Clean out your ears” “don’t you listen?” “Get the hell out of here.” It is only when I continue to go back for more, when the beauty finally is revealed.

I wholeheartedly believe in Divine Guidance. When we follow our inner voice and bravely do as we feel it is leading us to do, amazing things happen. The journey may not always be easy and carefree but most assuredly the individuals you meet along the way are a blessing not just a chance encounter but a divine introduction.

As the majority of the world is enduring the busy responsibilities that everyday life often demands, others are faced with the seriousness of palliative care or hospice care. The differences in these two worlds are huge.

This is a journey one enters into kicking and screaming with resistance! As with anything that hurts, it is most natural for our heart to want to turn away from and run as fast as you can to escape the pain of loss. Not being able to distance yourself from it’s approach can leave a soul angry and confused.

A heart that truly loves others grieves with profound sadness when the journey of another Soul begins a new path of life and leaves its earthly body, friends and family behind.

Messages of wisdom come most profoundly from the heaviest of hearts. Life on earth is not always happiness and joy.

Great wisdom and growth often happen in the midst of great pain and sorrow. The silent moments that unfold as a soul is nearing the end of their earthly journey are moments in time like no other.

This past week several beautiful souls have completed their earthly journey and entered into their new life beyond earth. I feel truly honoured to have met them and spent time being their caregiver. My heart aches along with their families.

Like a fingerprint on a piece of glass, every soul is unique. The wisdom and love they leave upon the earth could only be passed along by them.

I will hold dearly their unique wisdom and will continue sharing their memory and wisdom with others here on earth. Although my heart is heavy now, getting to know them and sharing time in their presence has left a very positive influence on my life.

Among the still and quiet moments, we spend with someone on this journey profound messages are communicated. Even when the moments feel only like silent helplessness their wisdom will eventually reach you and become clear.

It is an honour like no other for our hearts to be able to facilitate the wisdom of an angelic soul beginning life anew, peaceful and free of pain and sorrow.

A song miraculously found its way to my ears during heartbreaking outcries of grief and confusion this week. With each loss we experience, each one so drastically different and unique, it often feels overwhelmingly hard to make sense of the details and circumstances.

My heart finds strength from those I give care to. I will continue on, being grateful for each and every soul my life’s journey introduces me to. Each and every Angelic Soul holds a very special place in my heart.

Once a soul’s message of wisdom is released it is impossible to contain it once again. It will float freely to influence many others who long to understand it’s message.

With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela.

By Carmela Snelbaker

Carmela wishes to be identified as a child of God, an individual who prays for forgiveness, guidance, to know and share unconditional love and gratitude for life. She hopes that her writings will help to teach children gratitude for life, positivity, and an awareness for making responsible choices. She is an animal lover who owns several sheep and angora rabbits as pets. As a caregiver, she has met many wonderful people, all of whom she carries in her heart. More here: www.carmelasnelbaker.com

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