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Wall of Testimonies

Jesus, thank YOU.

Thank you everyone for your precious prayers everything went on well. Operation successfully done. I’m back home today…All thanks and glory be to God  – Roseann Singha

I want to thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family. Last month I had placed a request to pray for my husband and after that there is a change in him. I thank you God for this blessings – Leeann

Thank you Almighty Jesus for the favours granted towards my brother Jackson. His health has been restored by your mercy n love. All Glory to Jesus Christ. And my sincere thanks to you all. Amen – Dalida Vaz

Praise the Lord my sister got boy baby. Ceasarean but both are good. Pray for them – Catherine Catherine

My daughter is healed. Praise the Lord – Rosy Fernandes

I am so grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻 my mother had her scan today and doctor too was far happy seeing her scan reports which was 90% healthy. I trusted this before writing the message here. On 4th of October she had her blood test if CA125 (ovarian cancers tracking) which showed high value of 680 which is supposed to be 35 snd less, and this happened after 8 cycles of chemo. I have trust on Jesus and Mother Mary she will be cured completely from this disease, as her scan miraculously clean today. Please continue to pray for my mother. God bless you. I am sure i will testify soon the god’s healing on my mother – Glany Teena

I’m much better today. Pls continue your prayers for me n my family – Nilakshi

I am so grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻 my mother had her scan today and doctor too was far happy seeing her scan reports which was 90% healthy. I trusted this before writing the message here. On 4th of October she had her blood test if CA125 (ovarian cancers tracking) which showed high value of 680 which is supposed to be 35 snd less, and this happened after 8 cycles of chemo. I have trust on Jesus and mother Mary she will be cured completely from this disease, as her scan miraculously clean today. Please continue to pray for my mother. God bless you. I am sure i will testify soon the god’s healing on my mother – Glany Teena

I want to thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family. Last month I had placed a request to pray for my husband and after that there is a change in him. I thank you God for this blessings – LeeannThank you Lord for the blessing of baby boy and also healing my mom’s health – Meliza

Thank You Jesus, for healing and touching Kishore. He is discharged today from the hospital – Shami

My sister delivered a healthy baby boy. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for praying for us – Valency D’mello

Hi my dear brothers n sisters  here’s my testimony. I am Thereza from Goa. I was tested positive for dengue on Aug 4 then discharged on Aug 6 2021. After getting discharged from hospital I used to get lots of acidity then I requested your live prayer room members to keep me in prayers which you did so now I am ok. And I have done my test again n now I am negative in my dengue result thank u Jesus praise u Jesus. Thank u one n all those who prayed for me. thank u may God bless u all – Thereza Dsouza

Thank you for all for praying for my recovery. I was admitted to the hospital yesterday and today I’m back home…Praise the lord. Amen. I’m on medicine now – Princy Fernandes

Thank you for praying for me and my family continuously. Jesus I praise and thank you for good health and blessings upon me and my family. Jesus, we thank you for protecting us from COVID-19. Jesus I praise and thank you for the gift of a child. Jesus I praise and thank you for receiving my husband dues. Jesus I praise and thank you for curing my brother in law from Covid. Jesus I praise and thank you for blessing our family( to reconcile with my sister and brother in law – Sharal Lobo

Praise the Lord, my husband got the call and he is going next month on the ship. Thank you very much for praying for him – Rima Godinho

Praise the Lord. Thanks to God the Father. My son passed 10th exam. Got nice marks – Catherine Catherine

My dear prayer warriors. Thank you all for joining with me for prayers for my sons. You all & your families will be blessed abundantly for bringing up u’ll closer to Jesus & Mother Mary. Randesh got his results. Accounts – A*Business St – B Nathan also completed his degree with a 1st class. All Glory to God!!! Hallelujah. Their future is also controlled by our Mighty Jesus. Pls continue your prayers. Thanks

I am much better. Thank you very much for your prayers. My boss called me and did my night duty for me on Friday. Praise the Lord…My Maid Marta who had covid is better and back to work. Thank you Jesus – Diana Da Costa

Praised be Jesus. I requested to pray for my blood results and today it turned out positive. Thanks for all ur prayers. Amen. The Lord my God can do anything possible – Jannet Bvera

Thank you very much for your prayers for Pedro..The dr has taken him out of oxygen in 24hours of your prayers…which he had said 2weeks..Praise the Lord. He is discharged and is better – Diana Da Costa

Today my business was good. We were busy. Thursday always be quiet. But after all the prayers, we have done really good. Thank you so much. Please keep in your prayers – Merwyn Joseph Pereira

Dearest Prayer Warriors…Praise the Lord. Just want to thank you for your fervent prayers for me and my family intentions. I had applied for an extension of my Visa. I got it for another 6 months. This has been possible only because of your prayers and support. Please continue praying for my other intentions. Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏❤️👏 – Elizabeth Braganza

Thank you for your prayers for my maid, she is recovering – Diana Da Costa

Today evening my dad will come back. The highway is opened. God kept him safe. Thanks for prayers  God bless your team – Drusilla Fernandes

Thank you very much for your prayers for my dad. He is better and reached home yesterday. He is recovering. Please continue to pray for his complete recovery internally…God bless you – Diana Da Costa

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I had requested prayers for jobs for my cousins and husband. Thank you very much prayers have been answered, my cousins have started work – Juanita

Thank you for your prayers as my husband Elston reached safely home from the ship. After staying quarantine he will go for his Covid test. hope everything goes well by the grace of Almighty Jesus. Amen – Dalida Vaz

I am fully recovered. Praise the Lord. Thanks a lot for your prayers always. Healing prayer I said as many times as I can. Even my covid report came negative. Thanks a lot for making my faith more strong on Jesus – Drusilla Fernandes

I wish to thank all of you for ur prayers for my financial problems.my tuitions began now though not to full capacity but yes, I’m able to pay the maintenance n also to buy some groceries. Besides the business also has started since a week n by God’s grace we are picking up, it’s a no loss no profit situation. But compared to other fleet operators who have shut business, God has placed us well, that’s the greatest miracle. This is my testimony n I’m sure God will help us to see thru the stormiest times, so pls pray that me n my son remain strong in our faith n that we be filled with the Holy Spirit. God bless you once again – Ivy Pereira

I am feeling much better now by God’s grace and your prayers – Drusilla Fernandes

Praise God I am blessed with a baby boy. On 1st July the baby was born – Maisie Dsouza

Dear brothers n sister..t.q. for praying my dad. He is well now..t.q t.q..N another one request. Pls Pray for my life my job n marriage. Love u – Pranu Deepu

July 2020 – July 2021

Praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus. After 2 weeks in hospital – today my dad has been tested negative and oxygen levels are back to normal. God is great – Calvin Fernandes

Jesus n mama Mary have blessed me and have kept my child safe in my womb praise you Jesus thank you Jesus I went for a doctor checkup yesterday and the doctor has told that the baby is perfectly fine – Maisie Dsouza

I am Reynold Mascarenhas. I would like to deliver a testimony in regards to my job success. I was not sure where I could this, so I decided to post it from where I had requested for a prayer. I had just yesterday that is 11 April ,sent a prayer request for the same intention mentioned above. I had been jobless almost a year due to this pandemic and desperately kept looking for a suitable job. But I was utterly speechless as I got a job the very next day. I  am deeply thankful to the Lord Almighty for showering his graceful blessings upon me and answering my prayers. He sure is a miracle worker. Thank you and praise you Lord Jesus – Reynold Mascarenhas

I AM HEALED..PRAISE THE LORD…My backache has disappeared – Diana Da Costa

My dad is fine. His pain stopped just the next day. Praise to be God. Thanks a lot – Drusilla Fernandes

My Grandma is better n she is home. Praise you Jesus n Thank you Jesus – Irene Fernandes

Dad is much better but under medications and uncle just got home from d hospital after 20 days Covid.. keep them in prayers…and my family too… thank u so much – Vanessa Andrews

By God’s grace our loan is passed. Praise to be God. Thanks for ur prayers – Drusilla Fernandes

I would like to thank Almighty God for blessing me with the gift of Job. May Almighty God deliver me from fear, anxiety, stress and bless my new employer, office and all the staff with holy spirit. 🙏 – Leo Diniz

Thank you Lord , for me, been able to face my final interview with success I have been selected . Praise the lord – Suchy

Thanks a lot. Sunesh is back home again – Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

I would like to thank the almighty God for helping me to get my documents renewed. Thank you and praise the Lord!! – Leo Diniz

Thanks for your prayers. Sunesh still in hospital. But wife said much better. Pls continue prayers. God’s abundant blessings to you all – Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

Pls pray for Fatima, the single mother with 3 daughters. She is better than before – Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

I went for a doctor check up yesterday and the doctor has told that the baby is perfectly fine – Maisie Dsouza

This is a testimony I had put a prayer request for Remmie as he had covid and hospitalized as his oxygen levels were not stabilized I give thanks and praise to almighty God for healing Remmie and he is discharged from hospital and he is at home all glory and honour to the holy name of Jesus thank you Jesus praise you Jesus – Gracy

My mom,bro, sister in law and nephew are recovered from covid…thank you Jesus. Praise you jesus. I love you jesus. Hayzel Fernandes

My mother is doing good now. Praise the Lord – Joseph Dsouza

I got a discount…Thank you Jesus..Everything is possible in prayer – Diana Da Costa

Dear prayer warriors Thank you so much for your prayers for Fatima & her daughters…By the grace of God she’s a bit better today n cooked for the first time for her girls… Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

Dad n mine covid results have come… dad n v r both negative. exactly after a month…thank u all so much for all the prayers ..thank God.. otherwise doctor gave up on dad.. doctor says its miraculous – keep daddy in your prayers.. Thank u all.. and praise God – Vanessa Andrews

Thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus & Mama Mary! For answering prayers for my friend’s husband to get a good job! Praise to you Lord ! You are all powerful & merciful! – Vanessa Mascarenhas

Thank you so much for the prayer. I passed the exam – Ponnu Chacko

My sister Rabina is much better than before she’s is recovering. Her mother n law too is better n out of danger. Thanku so much for ur frequent prayers. Praise the lord  – Sharon Sutari

My mom and aunt are cured by God’s grace Thanks for your prayers May god bless your team always – Drusilla Fernandes

Thank you for the prayer I got my PR – Thankam Chacko

Thank you for all your prayers towards me. My Covid test came negative n I m so relieved from my tension. All glory to Jesus. Amen – Dalida Vaz

My aunty got discharged from hospital I thank God for the miracle Jesus has done. Catherine Catherine

Thanku so much fr ur prayers my sister’s mother in law is out of danger n fn now – Sharon Sutari

My aunty’s fever has reduced – Catherine Catherine

Thank u fr ur prayers my sisters n her fly reports have come negative. Praise the Lord  – Sharon Sutari

Last year in January 2020, my sister Joanita was bedridden due to slip disc injury. She was operated on 13th January 2020 and was discharged from the hospital after one month. I had sent a prayer request for a successful and safe surgery. The surgery was safe and successful. She is now healed from the injury and is able to walk, though there is a slight limp. She can do all the normal and regular household chores. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus. Please forgive me Lord Jesus for the delay in giving the testimony – Telma Estibero

Thank you – Jesus done a great miracle my aunty is getting well in blood test everything is normal it has come thank you for your prayer. I’m a big witness to my daddy Jesus I bow my head and give thanks to our Almighty father Jesus I trust you my eyes filled with tears. keep on praying for us – Catherine Catherine

Thank you for the prayer as per the prayer request my sister got her PR in the next draw itself thank you – Ponnu Chacko

Thank you for praying for my brother Jackson. His kidney test report are normal by the grace of God .Amen – Dalida Vaz

Thank you for your prayers..Fr.Noel covid test is negative. Praise the Lord – Diana Da Costa

Thanks for giving me a job in Iraq, please give me and my family for confident, peace, good health. Thank you for everything whatever did for us. Protect us from evil, sick and virus. Thank you God. Dear team, Please pray for us. Thanks – Jai Lawrence Robinson

My aunty got result negative I’m very happy – Catherine Catherine

Praise the Lord. Yesterday the test of NIPT (Down syndrome) has come low risk please keep my daughter Maisie De Souza in your prayers. It is a miracle. Keep on the prayer for mother n baby. Thank you all may the lord bless you all – Bernadette Dias

Thank you for the prayers I got the IELTS date on May 21st – Ponnu Chacko

Thanks for your prayers. Even though there is a lot of obstacles with the help of GOD I reached UK safe. But I need to pass One more exam OSCE. Please remember me n my friends to pass exam in first attempt… praise the lord – Raphy Daisy

Dearest Prayer Warriors…Praise the Lord. I would love to share two good news with you. I finally got my X-1 Visa to now reside in India until 19th July 2021. Later on probably I would have to apply either for Visa extension or for an OCI Card. Secondly my daughter finally got her name transferred on the electricity bill which was pending almost for more than two years. I have been constantly asking you to pray for us and it is finally done. Thank you so much for all your unceasing prayers and support. Your prayers have always been so miraculous. Please continue keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. Amen and Amen – Elizabeth Braganza

My father can walk without the support of anything, he is able to ride a scooty, drive our car and manage his works by himself. Thank you very much for your prayers! Kindly keep us in your prayers for our state is being badly affected by the pandemic.. Many blessings! – Femi Selvanose

Thank you for the prayer God has given a wonderful chance for getting permanent residency – Ponnu Chacko

My sister Miriam is healed by the grace and STRIPES of the Lord Amen my sister Kathy too. Lord pls keep her safe and protect her amen. Thank u. thank you Jesus my Lord and my god 🙏🙏🙏 – Suzie Clarkson

Today i had my 2nd scanning and the Doctor said the baby is doing good. Jesus n  mama Mary have blessed me and have kept my child safe in my womb  praise you Jesus thank you Jesus – Maisie Dsouza

I thank you Lord for healing my husband Richard completely from covid ….for your mighty blessing on his life. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus and Thank you Holy Spirit – Anne

Dear prayer warriors.. praise the Lord.. keep interceding for my sister’s husband Louis.. He is now keeping well.. may he find healing in you alone Lord – Doris Abraham Joseph

Thank you – God is great ! My biopsy is clear. All went well! – Sharon Carvalho

Thank you for your prayers.my sister did her test and covid test is negative.Praise the Lord.The family is recovering now – Diana Da Costa

Thank u Jesus . Praise u Jesus. My Mummy’s reports r normal in fact the disease what she has is reduces a lot – Irene Fernandes

പ്രയർ ചെയ്തതിനു നന്ദി എന്റെ അസുഖം പുറണമയും ഈശോ എടുത്തുമാറ്റി… എനിക്ക് ഇപ്പോൾ എല്ലാ ഫുഡും കഴിക്കാo ഇശോയെ നന്ദി ഇശോയെ ആരാധധാന – Brijit Nijo

Thank you and your ministry for your prayers for me and my family. All my needs have been answered by my Lord Jesus Christ. I testify in His name, I am blessed. Sunita Pal Datta

Dearest Prayer Warriors. Praise the Lord. I have successfully completed my Police verification procedure and now await for my Visa. Thank you so much for all your prayers and unending support. Love you and hugs – Elizabeth Braganza

Praise be to Jesus’ name. The test report of the baby which was done has come with low risk n the doctor says that the baby is not with any abonormality. I was praying to Mamma Mary n Jesus for this miracle n indeed they both stood by my side – Maisie Dsouza

Thank you Jesus. I started my new job today is my first day. Ankita Pawar

Sevi is showing signs of improvement is told to take off oxygen for an hour in a day and see.. Thank you Jesus. Please continue to pray – Diana Da Costa

My brother is discharged from the hospital n is recovering very well… I thank u for keeping my brother in ur prayers may our Almighty Jesus bless u.. pls keep praying for my brothers complete recovery in Jesus name Amen

Today is a good day. I passed my exams with distinction.. Thank you Mother Mary. A big thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you all – Diana Da Costa

Sevi is showing great improvement and recovery. Praise the Lord. My maid too is bad to work. Please pray that she works with the holy spirit guiding her with a conscious mind and not for money.. Thank you very much for your prayers. You all have always been there in my hard times. God bless you all.. Thank you – Diana Da Costa

Praise the Lord!!!! She delivered a baby boy with grace of God. Niyomi had a normal delivery. Baby is in baby room in the incubator. Pls pls pray. Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

It’s almost 2 months after the accident. My father has improvements. He can walk a few minutes with the help of a walker now. Thanks for your prayers! Praise the Lord! – Femi Selvanose

Dearest Prayer Warriors… Praise the Lord Jesus. Many thanks to the prayer warriors for all your intercessory prayers and support. Your prayers have always been answered. I just got back from the Passport Office and have successfully got my Surrender Certificate. Many many thank yous for your fervent prayers. Love you so much. Regards and God bless. Elizabeth Braganza

We came back home last night. Things are much better now. Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Kumari the her husband Sanjeewa.

Dearest Prayer Warriors of the Divine Reflection…. Praise the Lord Jesus. I received my Citizen Card. This has only been possible because of your intercessory prayers. Thank you so much. Now the Portugal Embassy in Delhi would give me a date to collect my EU passport. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Amen and Amen – Elizabeth Braganza

My sister is pregnant now all thanks to Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying for us. Valency D’mello.

Noel is out of ICU treatment. He is getting back to normal.W alks around without a problem. Thank you Jesus.Thank you for your help and support and all the prayers. God bless you all – Diana Da Costa

My mom hv started talking and also started slowly moving her right side…all thanks to almighty and you and your whole team around d globe…may almighty shower his choicest blessings upon u’ll..thank u – Felcy Quadros

Testimony -Praise the Lord I passed in all my papers And completed my graduation in B.com. All Praise And Glory to Jesus.

Testimony – The itching for the whole body is stop now. I am healed Thank you Jesus – Richard Pereira

Dearest Prayer Warriors of the Divine Reflection… Praise the Lord Jesus. A heart felt thank you to you for your fervent intercessory prayers and support. I just received my Passport after the long awaiting. This has only been possible because of your prayers and support. Thank you so much once again. God bless. Elizabeth Braganza

Our Lord is a mighty God. Thank you for your prayers for my brother’s rent. Today they called n asked to come tomorrow 9th feb to sign the rent agreement. Pls continue prayers for this to happen tomorrow in a proper way without further more delays. Will keep you posted – Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

Noel is showing improvement. Thank God. Continue to pray for him – Diana Da Costa

I am in India by God’s grace. My exams too went well. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that I clear my exams – Diana Da Costa

Thank you very much for your prayers and concern. Lianne my daughter is better. All praise and worship to Jesus – Diana Da Costa

Today I want to thank Our Lord Jesus..Mother Mary and all the Saints firstly for the this blessing of life. Today I was blessed with a job and I start on 17th January 2021 . Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and I thank Lord for all the blessings in my life. I want to Praise Jesus.

Thank for your prayers. Baby discharged from NICU after 2 days…on 17th was her baptism… thank God. Sorry for delayed response – Raphy Daisy

Praise & Glory To God !! Thank You For keeping Us in Your Prayers & Praying for Us For the Fruit of the Womb. I Sandra D’Souza sent a message via messenger before 8th August & received a reply requesting to visit this www.christandco.com website & mention my prayer request which I did on the same day. My Hubby & I are  Blessed with a gift of a child Give Glory to God as I’m Six weeks & 3 days pregnant as of today 14th September after 9yrs 8months of Marriage. I’m sorry for not writing earlier as we got to know about t this blessing on completing 5weeks. However I’ve been down with fever since midnight 13th September & Doctor  has asked us to do a COVID Test & a UTI test to check for the reason of the fever. Have done the test for UTI on 14th Sept  and scheduled for a Covid  Test on 15th Sept & For an Ultrasound to check for the heart beat in a week or two. Request to pray for a Safe & Healthy pregnancy & A Healthy Baby & Normal Delivery if it is the will of God.  Also to relieve my hubby & me from every fear as we have faced one miscarriage 4 yrs ago.  Thanking You for Your continuous Prayers. Regards – Joel & Sandra Dsouza

Thank you so much for your prayers for my baby girl. Please continue to keep her in prayers. We are out of hospital and back home. But my baby girl still needs blessings and prayers – Savia Claret Caeiro

PTL dear all. Went to hospital to be with Colleen who is far better than yesterday. They have shifted her from the previous room to a larger one, all the gadgets removed, she’s moving around more freely but with precaution if not it does affect the breathing slightly. Overall looking much brighter, & much more cheerful. Some of the medicines have also been stopped because all the symptoms, e.g. the heart rate has normalised, blood sugar level showed 8.3 which was 23+ yesterday. We can’t thank God enough for this turn of events for the better in her case. Only God can change things around for His glory. Thanks to all for your continuous prayers, love and concern. There are chances that she could be discharged sometime tomorrow. We are so blessed to have prayer warriors praying for her. God bless you all and do continue to uplift Colleen in prayer – Harriet Robinson

Thank you for praying for me I got selected in one company got my offer letter today and joining on Dec 25th Christmas day. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus

Ruvini whom you prayed earlier for her stroke is much better but has to face the same surgery in January – Nilakshi Wickremasinghe

Thank you all for praying for Mr. Levin REBELLO. His file containing all the documents is found – Olinda Rebelo

Hello dear Brother/Sister Praise the Lord I am really happy to say that my sister’s husband is doing well now his result is Negative now thank you for your prayers and support. Kindly remember us in your prayers always – Amala Sythya

Dearest Prayer Warriors… Praise the Lord. On behalf of my daughter Marilyn and my family I wish to thank you all for all your fervent prayers and support. My daughter got her Pre Settlement EU Status today. It happened within a week’s time which takes at least 4 weeks of working days. Thank you so much. Love you and hugs. God bless you and your ministry. Amen and Amen.

praise the lord. thank u for the prayer my bro Peter for last 2 days has reduce the drinking of alcohol. Keep us in prayer . thank u god praise the Lord. Aleluya – Joseph Dsouza

Thank your for all the prayers recited for My Mamma. I couldn’t thank you the other day. And thank you for being there to always console as my own. May God bless all your efforts. May all of you be in Good health and safe – Linda Perera

Thank u for the prayers . Reports are good and he’s recovering. Plz keep our family in prayers.

I think the prayers helped me. One of my close friends called unexpectedly and said that she would come and stay with me for a few days… Really God sent- as it was becoming very stressful looking after kids, my health and a job… Thank you Jesus. Thanks a lot for praying for me – Justine Rash (Rashmi Justine)

I want to give thanks giving for last time I had asked for prayers to realise my money from share market and that is possible only because of Jesus.. My friend gave us the money back – Ankita Pawar

Thank you for your spiritual support, please pray for my family and for my friends, and for those who pray for me, thank you Amen – John John

My sister discharged from hospital. Praise to Jesus. Thanking all of you for your valuable prayers. Thank you – AK Alex

We have renovated our house all through your prayers. Now pl pray for God’s plan towards it whether we got to sell it or give for flats construction as I’ve already mentioned our loans. Pl pray for us earnestly. Let God’s will be done. Pl pray for my daughter in laws safe delivery. Its all through your prayers. Pl pray for my daughter debtor the builder who had taken Rs2lakh and not returning. Pl pray for our faith and prayer life to be firm – Rani Brahmaroutu

Thank you dear for praying for my sister in law Sucorin Rebelo. She is discharged from the hospital last night. Please continue praying for her speedy recovery.

Dear prayer team  members my son Alex’s covid test became negative. Praise to Jesus. Thank you for your valuable prayers. He is getting well. Thank you – AK Alex

Dear prayer team my sister Anu became covid negative. Thanks for your valuable prayers – AK Alex

First I would like to thank your entire team for keeping me in your prayers n praying for my prayer requests whenever i mentioned to you.I m blessed to be a part of your prayers.Thankyou Almighty Jesus for all the favours granted to me – Dalida Vaz

Thank you for your message which helps me lot  – Shobha Papripurna

This morning blessed with a baby boy by Normal delivery, everything went well….. Thanks a lot for your prayers for me and my baby… All glory to Jesus.. Amen – Gintu K Varghese

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Surgery was done successfully Praise the lord Plz always remember me and my fmly in your prayers – Aseem Vyas

He is getting well.dear divine family remember him in your prayers.thankyou – AMAL – my son – AK Alex

He is alright now. Thank you for your valuable prayers. Today we did the blood check up. Nothing to worry says dr.once again expressing my heartful thanks to divine family – AK Alex

Thank you Jesus Didn’t get that missing item but I got a condemned item to complete my inventory to show to the management..so that the problem solved for a period – Tency Sunil Chennattu

You are doing a great service. I have been watching your page from 2 years ago – Madhavan Ramachandiran

Thank you for your prayers..my mother is better than before..but still please continue to pray for her-  Sunita Pal Dutta

Dr. Gave me medicines for 10 days. He didn’t perform any test. Hearty thanks for your concern plz remember me and family in your prayers.

Thank you all for the strong prayers for me. Just now back from hospital. Stitches removed. All reports are normal. Thanks n praises to the Lord Jesus Christ – Stella Maria Pereira

Thanks a lot for ur prayers my mom too is much better than before. Her lung infection n urine infection is bit improved. Mine too I’m having little peace of mind n my house with my in-laws.

Thank you Jesus praise you Jesus on Wednesday I had put a prayer request on live prayer room to pray for my daughter Christein to get a job as she had lost her job during this pandemic she had given many interviews but there was no sign from those co. But I give praise and glory to the blessed lord Jesus as after sending prayer request on Wednesday my daughter got a call on Friday that she is selected thank you dear prayer warriors God bless you all and keep you safe

Thank u for praying frequently my sister’s reports r cm negative when tested fr lumps n breast n her allergies too must have gone away n all her health issues too Alleluia Amen. Thanks once again Praise u Jesus Thank u Jesus.

PRAISE THE LORD n HALLELUJAH!!!! Thanks so much for your prayers; my son Melchizedek is better now n scan reports normal.”By His Stripes we are healed.” I Thank the Lord for I can see HIS Grace flowing in my Family specially with my mom n dad as they have started to recite the rosary together. I pray that my brother may come closer to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother and he may join them and give Praise and Glory. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary. Lord make me and my wife your instrument to deepen their Faith. Bless our daughter and make us to guide our daughter in your ways.

Thank u for your prayers, I got a job – Glenn Dsouza

Dear fathers, sisters, brothers, my friend’s father is discharged to home. Now he starts to eat without tube. He is able to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Still he has shivering. Thank God for his mercy. Thank you all for your valuable prayers AK Alex

Thank u so much for your prayers, last night I could sleep very well, praise the Lord, thank you Jesus praise u Jesus. Amen – Denzil Jamatia

An amazing, educated, page. So much maturity in this page. God bless you guys. Incredible, any ways I cant explain enough. You u guys r wow. An amazing page. Long live Jesus – Bruke Hune

Thank you for & all your prayers Praise the Lord Alleluia Alleluia Amen – Francis Philip

Praise the lord, I had requested to pray for my maid’s family who had tested positive for covid-19. All the family members had done the test. Everyone in the family has tested negative. All glory to Almighty God. Thank you everyone who were praying for us. God bless you all – Fatima Torcato

Met the doctor today and after examining he said that the lump has reduced and become soft so not to worry and leave it. He told to see him after a month but in case if I get pain or swelling again to see him immediately. We are really very happy and thankful to God for this miracle. Thanks a lot for the prayers of everyone. Philomena Antony

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such beautiful quotes – Abel Fernandes

Brothers, sisters, uncle starts to eat solid food. He wants to walk. But he is bedridden. He is crying to walk. All other body functioning are getting better. Thank God – AK Alex

Praise the Lord.. I want to inform you that my husband is better now.. he is feeling much better and his temperature has come down.. thank you so much for all your prayers.. I was really worried and scared last night.. please keep us in your prayers – Doris Abraham Joseph

Respected sisters & brothers ,my friend’s father is getting better. Remember him in your valuable prayers. l thank God for his improvement – AK Alex

Hi. Thank you all for your prayers. I don’t know what happened last night. But in the morning I am feeling so much better. I still have some pain in my hands but I believe Jesus is healing me. Please continue praying for me. Thank you – Dominic Menezes

Thanks for the prayers. The druggie neighbour vacated the unit and we feel much better – Lini Deepak

My mothers stool test turned out to be normal and no bleeding which i was worried about. Thank you for your prayers. Hopefully she will recover from her other ailments and continue to live a normal life very soon – Linda Perera

I thank you for your prayers also as last two months back i had requested a prayer fir having a new desktops computer for my studio and my prayers are answered.. Glory be to The Lord, thank you Jesus praise you – Denzil Jamatia

Thanks n praises to you my Lord Jesus Christ. My medical procedure is done successfully. I’m fine now.Praying for to get the reports normal – Stella Pereira

Thank you. Thanks and praise the lord. I am feeling much better – Richard Pereira

Compiled by the Editorial Team, Christ & Co. 

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