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The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren’s book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ is one that promises to transform your life within forty days. It is based on the premise that God has a purpose for every individual’s life.

The book is designed as a forty-day spiritual journey – one chapter a day – with the goal of answering the question “What on earth am I here for?”

The number 40 is spiritually a very significant one in the Bible, especially when God wanted to prepare someone to carry out His purpose. In line with this theme, the book has 40 chapters, which are quite brief and highly readable.

The first chapter starts with the glorious thought that God creates each one of us with a purpose that fits into His much larger, grander plan for eternity. How gratifying it is to know that we are all part of such a large masterplan!

Warren goes on to remind us that no one’s birth is an accident. God formed us exactly as He wished. He chose our parents, siblings, race, colour and everything else.

The book gently guides us to identify the key factors that drive our lives. We often shape our current behaviour based on our memories of the past or our need for approval. Warren tells us how we can break this pattern. He points out how living in alignment with God’s plans for us can lend more meaning and purpose to our lives.while also preparing us for eternity.

This book reinforces the comforting belief that God wants us all to spend eternity with him. It is entirely up to us whether we choose to do so or not. It encourages us to stand back and look at our life not just from our point of view but God’s point of view. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

Rating: 8/10

By Manju Matthew

Manju is an MBA and a busy mum of two. She and her husband Reju live and work in sunny Dubai. She is a typical non-resident-Keralite who was born in India, raised in Africa and lives in Dubai. Her experience with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds have made her one part executive, two parts caring friend/family person and one part foodie/book fanatic. She has several years’ experience working for the publishing and IT industry in India and in the UAE.

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