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The only Ghost that’s good

“But the Comforter, Whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things … ” John 14:26

There is only one good ghost – and that is the Holy Ghost – the Holy Spirit, the LORD Jesus Christ! He is the Spirit of Truth, who never lies and always does us good.

He leads us, comforts us, reveals truth to us, corrects us in love, warns us away from danger, and more. He is with us always, once we receive Christ Jesus!

Every other ghost, which is truly a demon in disguise, is evil and just seeks to scare people and mess up their lives.

During the season of October 31, many people think about ghosts and even dress like them, to celebrate a wicked day called Halloween. They perform rituals, some very much against the LORD, to entice ghosts (demons) to interact with them.

And, usually unknowingly, even just participating in the “normal” activities, such as  that celebrating the darkness are not conducive to following the LORD.

You see, Halloween is really a celebration of death. Why would true follower of Christ want to celebrate that? Yuck! It is the opposite of Jesus, the Author of Life!

We who belong to Jesus, the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, should celebrate life, for Jesus is the One Who gave us life, and who died on the cross for us and rose again, so we would not have to taste eternal death! He gave us eternal life through His blood that washes all our sins away (John 3:16)!

So we who believe in Jesus celebrate life with our Hallelujah Harvest. “Hallelujah” means Praise the LORD!

Yes, there is only one good ghost – the Holy Ghost of God’s Son! (John 14:26)

How can you celebrate the good Ghost of God instead of the devil and death?

By Tonja K. Taylor 

Tonja K. Taylor is a delighted worshiper, happy wife and mother,  prolific author, teacher, and nature lover. She has been writing and teaching for over 30 years, to draw others to Christ and His loving wonders. She is a catalyst for positive change to all people to know the LORD Jesus is returning soon. The link to her You Tube “River Rain Creative Arts” channel is https://bit.ly/36VkvGP
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