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The Master’s Garden

Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out…

God’s Garden, watered and sweet scented

That will I be

On sun scorched days, a veil of cloud o’er me

His shade refreshes;

 I draw from springs whose water never fails;

Timeless it roves through His bower,

On stormy nights, when all is dark; a pillar of fire through my boughs I see

He Weeds, He Prunes, He Fences

my foliage –


guards me day and night

His compassion I hear in soft trickling whispers

He sends the blustery north wind, my branches sway yet stay strong;

my roots are hidden within His Palm.

Seasons change;

The warm south wind softly blows,

My keeper beckons to weary travellers;

To share His shaded fragrant retreat

Renewed and refreshed they travel on,

To tell of a Gardener, who met them kindly on the way;

Of bountiful fruits generously served,

Of a passionate bond that held them back, truly They embrace and journey on;

My Keeper beckons to weary travellers; to share his shaded fragrant retreat,

I am my Keeper’s fragrant garden and many more does He have,

Carefully nurtured and cherished – The Master’s work never ends,

Each garden is His work of Art.

By Rekha Zachariah

Rekha Zachariah holds a master’s degree in English language and Literature. Rekha and her husband George have been living in Qatar for more than 20 years; they have fraternal twins, who are attending college in India. Rekha works for the Qatar Foundation in an Initiative called the ‘World Innovation Summit for Education’. Creative writing is one of her greatest fortes.

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