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Spicy Thai Chicken

The crunchiest crispiest chicken in a hot and tasty sauce.

Marinate 500 gms cleaned and cut chicken pieces in 1 tsp crushed red chilli, 1 tsp crushed black pepper and 1 tsp salt.

Coat the chicken pieces in 1 beaten egg and 3 tbs bread crumbs.

In a shallow pan, add 3 tbs sesame oil and fry the chicken pieces until half cooked. In a large wok, heat 3 tbs sesame oil and add 1 tbs chopped garlic and 1 tbs sliced ginger.

Add 2 large onions, chopped.

Add 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tsp brown sugar and sauté well (Do not add salt as the soy has salt) Add 3 tbs tomato ketchup and 2 tbs hot sauce. Stir well.

Toss the chicken pieces in. Stir well until the chicken is finely coated in the sauce.

Cover and cook for 15 mins, stirring in between to ensure that the chicken is evenly cooked.

Garnish with slit green chillies and spring onions.

Serve hot with hakka noodles or fried rice.

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