Written by 5:41 pm Spiritual Warfare

Prophetic Declaration – May

When the Lord of the Universe has His hand on you, why fear? Fear and faith cannot go hand in hand. Take your focus of what you fear and seek Me. With all your heart, soul and mind.

Fear cannot then remain.

May will be a month of favour, change and victories. As you sow, so shall you reap. Sow love. Sow care.

The month will give you clarity on life, day to day activities, people relationships and mainly on time with Me and how to build your life on Me. Build wisely, so you do not fall easily.

This month will see opportunities for forgiveness, healing and spiritual cleansing. Use those to glorify ME.

Reach out to the lost, the wounded, the ostracised. Reach out to those whom you have wounded.

When a child of God makes amends with people, it matters to Me.

Let no barrier remain between Me and you. Let the walls come down. Let the fire fall.

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