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Prayer for travellers

Lord Jesus, we pray for those among us who are travelling.

We pray that You will keep each one of us safe and protected by Your constant care when we move from one place to another.

Give us travelling mercies. Keep our loved ones who are on the move by air, road or water, safe from death, disease or catastrophes. May Your angels surround us now and forever – right from the time we step out to make our journey and to the time when we are back.

Dear Lord, please keep our loved ones in Your vigilant care whenever we travel and wherever we travel to. Keep us safely shielded under Your angelic protection.

Please keep us safe on crowded roads, seas, airways, rails – as well as the others we are sharing it with.

Give us the discernment as to when to take breaks so that we do not push ourselves to the limit. Release your angels to surround us and protect us until we get to our destinations.

Lord, we specifically pray for the vulnerable who are travelling – the children, the elderly and the sick. We ask that you will guard their bodies so that no sickness or stress will come in.

We pray that they will be in good spirits and in Your peace and joy.

Help us to discern the needs of fellow travellers and strangers during this trip and help us all to have a wonderful time, praising You in all things. Let us reflect YOU to all we meet, wherever we may go.

I come before you Father God and confess my fears about travelling. I confess my insecurities about connections and times, my concerns for my safety and security, my anxieties that surround this journey.

I come to lay these things down and choose to put my trust in You. My faith will rise up and lead me through. My hopes will find light as I praise Your name. My trust in You will remain strong and firm, holding me steady. My peace will be Your peace, one that surpasses all these worries.

Lord I go with You, I do not travel alone, For Your hand is upon me, Your protection is everlasting. Besides, in front and behind You encircle my life. You are with us. Me and my own are safe with You.

Please never let go of my hands, even when I am too reckless. Today might be a busy day, please do not forget me, even if I forget You.

In Your Most Precious Son Jesus Christ’s name, I pray.


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