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Prayer against mobile addiction

Abba Father,

We pray for those among us who battle the urge to check mobile phones and laptops several times, even within the course of an hour. Let people know the dangers of bringing these into our bedrooms, dining tables and homes.

Heal them of the addiction, sweet Jesus. Let technology not turn the young or the old into addicts.

And let these devices stay out of our families, marriages and relationships. Let us have immense grace to firmly turn them off, except when we have a genuine need.

A prayer for those addicted to gaming, pornography and squandering time on social media. Teach  them to remember that, on this very day, and on every day of our lives, it is our first duty to glorify You, our God; to imitate You Jesus; to resist temptations; to overcome passions; to make the most of our time; to think about eternity and to pay sincere attention to those who matter the most in our lives.

May Your grace teach them to remember that we shall have to give an account of the manner in which we have spent every hour; never let us idle away one single hour in vanities or in worldly matters that may hinder us from performing those duties which You have entrusted to us.

Let JESUS alone be our Master and let prayer, family time and quality relationships replace these devices.


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