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Prayer for the hopeless

Lord Jesus, we bring to You those who have really reached the end of their tether.

For those of us who want to give up on our faith, church-going, family life, relationships, work, friendships, ministry and any other task entrusted to us.

We lift each one of us today to Your Presence in a special way, for that anointing and grace which only You can give. Send us angels to help us, Lord.

When we face harsh judgement, loneliness, illness and rejection, let us know that it is not from You, but from Your creations or the evil one.

Lord, help us confidently reach for what lies ahead. Help us seek you in the midst of our struggles. Lord, help us rejoice in the hope of tomorrow.

Let our hope keep us joyful, to be patient in our troubles and pray at all times.

Lord, give us the strength to just keep going. Help us to take each of our next steps with Your peace.

Heavenly Father, guide us and lead us through every trial we face today and every day. Supply us with everything we need to stand tall in the battles of life.

Control our minds and strengthen our hearts so we can have the confidence to tackle every issue that comes our way. Remove doubt and fill us with self esteem.

We declare that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Help us draw our strength from You. We are more than conquerors. If You are for us, who can be against us?

Your Word protects us and we are armed with Your favour. Nothing is impossible in the name of Jesus Christ.

Victory is near and we pray that the trials we face will bring us closer to You. We won’t ever give up.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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