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Prayer for strained relations

Father God,

We praise You for Jesus’ example on this earth. We know that You are purposeful in the plan that You have or our lives, and for the people that you place in it.

We are not always going to get along with everyone. Not always going to execute our behaviour in Christ-like fashion.

Help alleviate the shame of our imperfection, and help us to extend that grace to others.

Christ came to forgive us for every misbehaviour He knew that we would choose to suffer by. Imperfect people dealing with imperfect people can get a little messy down on earth.

We ask for You to cover us in Your grace, and convict our hearts to change and love more like Jesus every day that we wake to breathe again.

Forgive us for letting the sharp edges of our sensitivities take over conversations, and the anxieties of our minds cloud our judgment. Help us to see others through Your eyes, as souls that You love just as much as You love ours.

Father, the ways of the world and our sinful nature do not surprise You. In a way that only You can, move our hearts towards compassion and peace when our anger flares.

Clear our hearts of bitterness and resentment. We don’t want to be unforgiving people, God. Christ died on the cross to forgive our unmentionable sins.

You, alone, know the long version of our story. Convict us to tell it often. Make us a channel of Your Love. Prune us of the habits and relationships that lead us astray. Reveal encouragement and hope to us in Your Word.

In Christ, we are a new creation. Thank You for changing us, as painful as growth can be, and drawing us closer to You with every note of bitterness and resentment we shed. Protect us from harbouring these unhealthy emotions, and guard our hearts as we stumble in Jesus’ footsteps.

We love You, LORD. We trust You with our lives and pray Your purpose for them over our plans. May all who witness our lives know Your unspeakable love by the way we live. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Bless our hearts to soften towards others, yet protect us from deceptive motives. When there is a relationship that you wish us to walk away from, be it friendly or romantic, help us to hear a clear word from You.

Bless our friendships to be godly and God-centred. Bless our marriages to be lifelong and blessed. When we struggle maritally, provide godly counsel and reconciliation, so that if at all possible we may honour our lifelong commitment to You and each other.

Show us Father God, by illuminating Your Word and blessing us with Your presence, how to be more like Jesus, how to love as He spoke and You command.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray.


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