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Prayer for special needs

Precious Heavenly Father,

We bring to You today – one of the most beloved of Your creations – our brothers and sisters with special needs. These dear ones often face discrimination, bullying, neglect, abuse and violence. We plead Your angelic covering, love and mercy cover them and their families, carers and friends.

Lord, they have God-given gifts that are often overlooked.

We pray that people living with disabilities are given the same access to healthcare, education, government services and most importantly – overall dignity as every other member of their communities.

Lord, our hearts ache for those who lack access to care or whose families who cannot afford therapy or treatment. Spur leaders in the international, national and local levels to provide disability awareness training to parents, teachers, caregivers, and communities to eliminate stigma and to create policies and develop systems for affordable, accessible care.

May WE, their Christian family, treat them with dignity and respect in our day-to-day lives, advocate their rights and mainly, love them as our own.

Strengthen with grace, the hearts of parents and caregivers wounded by stigma and rejection, so their children can be adequately cared for. On their good days and bad, let them be able to reach out and get help – from You and from each one of us.

Lord, help children with disabilities know they are loved and they matter to You and the world.

Calm their storms like only You can.

Through Your Spirit, let them make a mark across the lives of many.

In Jesus’ most holy and precious name we pray.


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