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Prayer against debt

Heavenly Father, I am grateful to you for guiding and being with me in every hard time.

I made many financial decisions I am ashamed of. Please forgive me for my wrong decisions and my past mistakes, provide me wealth and make me debt-free.

Lord Jesus, today we pray for the grace to be free from debt. Lord, help us honour You first with our money.

Whatever we earn, let the first fruits be Yours.

I surrender myself and all my debt to you; please remove all the debts I have and guide me to spend wisely.

Lord, provide me the strength to keep poverty away from my family and me.

I pray that you guide me to flow a river of godly provisions around me, that keeps poverty away.

I ask you to break all the financial curses my family might encounter and keep us protected financially.

Please guide my mind and heart to work on the needed areas and overcome all the fear and stress I am going through.

Let me live my rest of the life under your blessing. I place my heart and my whole life in your hand; grant me peace and abundance. Amen.

May our brothers and sisters who are facing loans, mortgages, crisis situations or loss of jobs – be helped in time, by Your angels.

Give us financial blessings.


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