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Monday Reflection – Sept 5

When God puts His Hands on you where it really hurts, it is to bring you to next level of growth

Every challenge can lead to incredible spiritual growth if you are willing! Battles always have to end sometime – make sure yours ends in victory  in HIS strength alone of course.

All of us have those weak areas that we struggle to cope with – a character trait, a habit, a person that you just can’t seem to like, a situation, a crisis that repeats itself.

The world just stands by and judges and gossips, but God cares enough to persistently work you into His image  Don’t get moody. The Word of God triumphs over all feelings and emotions.

He will pluck the agnail out – show you what’s in YOU that needs correction and repair your character, life – if you let yourself be led by HIM alone.  The aim is not to get more things out of Christ, but to be more Christlike.

Be sincere about your spiritual growth. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slowly you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. God sees it all!

Holy Spirit, let ME be strong, yet malleable for YOU.

#RiseAgain #ChristInMe

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