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Monday Reflection – Sept 26

It’s not your battle; the battle is the Lord’s. He’s your defender. He’s your vindicator, your healer, your provider, your way maker. The blessing on your life will override the curse.

The greatest attacks often come just before a breakthrough. Believe the Word blindly and SPEAK it over your life. God’s promises are for each one of us.

Ask God for a miracle and then ask Him to use you! He wants you to be available.

Are you troubled today? Call upon the Lord and see His delivering and saving power working on your behalf. When you come to the end of your ability, when you run out of options and it looks like a setback, it’s really a setup. God is about to do something unusual, something you couldn’t make happen.

Keep the faith, seek Him moment by moment and LIVE.

#AlwaysPraisingGod #GodIsFaithful

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