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Monday Reflection – Oct 18

What’s the most important thing in your life? Your title, home, career, ministry, something you drive, your money, a relationship, your ambition or something you own?

NONE of these things can suffice in times of a real crisis.

Definitely not when you are facing death.

Only your personal relationship with Jesus. Give HIM first place What we settle for will rule our lives…

Why be ‘average’ when we can be phenomenal, with God by our side? You are the GATEKEEPER of your destiny. You choose what stays in your life. Shut the door to ‘ordinary’ and open your life to, EXTRAORDINARY! Why live in a chicken coop when we can fly like eagles?

Choose God – that equals love, peace, joy, goodness, INTEGRITY. Open the door to God.

Allow him to brighten your life, heal your wounds, become your best friend!

Your life could forever change – right now.


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