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Monday Reflection – Nov 7

We have lost some amazing men and women – in the last few years in particular. Covid, sudden deaths…grief coming unannounced.

The biggest lesson from a death – is to the ones who are still living. We often learn only after people are dead – how wonderful these silent saints were – how they prayed in their own rooms, how they served God and man quietly, how they fought their own battles – with God by their side. It is a message to those of us who remain – that we have a call thats gonna come our own way one day.

How we would have to give an account of every thought, word, action, deed – to our Maker.

Our lives, our todays – would go a lot different if we knew this was our last day on earth. Be ready.

God disciplines and warns the world like in the Old Testament days. And we, not heeding the warnings, grieve over a death and then go back to our old ways. Many live like there’s no tomorrow, but tomorrow always comes. And death is something that we absolutely, not one of us, can avoid. There’s a lot of things that we can avoid in life, but never death.

Always be prepared. If I live, for HIM. If I die, for HIM.

So begin – just believe. Believe that Jesus died for you, He paid for your sins,  rose from the dead, is now seated at the right hand of the father, He loves you and that by simple faith in Him, your sins can be forgiven and your name can be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

#FearGodNotMan #GlorifyJesusWithOurLives

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