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Monday Reflection – Nov 6

We often have to lose something to understand how valuable it truly was to us. It can be a person, memory or thing, but often we are so busy murmuring about the wrong side of things that we don’t appreciate the things while we have them.

Good people are often appreciated after their death. There are also many material blessings and things that we take for granted – our health, the five senses, food on the table, money, loyal friends or clean air.

Children often complain about the things they don’t have and long for that one more thing to keep them happy. Adults should not.

“If only you get me this, then I will truly be happy” We probably sound like that to God.

Even if you genuinely are facing a trial, praise God for it. Slow down and learn to deal with your trials – only hard times can make us grow and mature into godly people.

Do a re-check on your life today – are you complaining the most about the things you once thought you couldn’t do without? That job or promotion you worked hard for, the marriage or children you waited for or the social ladder you wasted time and health to climb. Rework your mind today.

The innate nature of man is to complain, if it is not disciplined and controlled by the Holy Spirit. Our thinking and our words always drift toward the negative; it takes incredible faith and self control to maintain a grateful, thankful attitude.

Take each ungrateful thought as it comes and make it captive to Christ. PRAISE is truly the best solution for panic.

Complaining opens a door for the devil. Instead, thank God in everything.

Remember your Red Sea moments. Remember the manna He has given you all your life. Remember the days of pain and the beautiful resurrections He gave you. Fix your mind on those things that are worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8)

If right now you have health, family, a couple of trusted friends, food on the table, a bit of money, a vehicle, a job, a ministry or a hand to hold when you are down, you are more blessed than millions around you. And if you know JESUS, you have it all and more for eternity.

Remember – don’t wait to lose any of these, before you thank GOD for it.

Remember. Talk about those things. Praise God for those things.

#PraiseGodAtAllTimes #TooBlessedToBeStressed

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