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Monday Reflection – May 24

God’s people lived in tents for forty years – they picked up and followed whenever God’s glory was manifested – in the Pillar of Cloud or the Pillar of Fire, trusting God one day at a time, even for their daily manna.

Today we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us to tell us what to do! What a joy! Really, what a joy! God is often training us too, to trust Him, obey Him and follow Him blindly, day to day. What an amazing way to live!

Lord, thank You for giving us free will – to think, speak and act. But even after learning the discipline of holding our tongues, our thoughts still defy Your will at times.

Our minds are the last bastions of rebellion. Come into every pore of us, radiant Holy Spirit of God. And let Your will, love and light permeate our being.

#Amen #HolySpiritYouAreWelcomeHere

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