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Monday Reflection – May 22

You cannot be a control freak and trust God at the same time. Many people ask God for His will on a matter, sing ‘Have thine own way’ and then still stay in the driver’s seat.

Pray over anything that matters to you. Anything that matters to you matters to God too.

Then allow God to do things in His time and in His way. What God originates, He orchestrates.

God might give you dreams that don’t make sense. Remember – there’s no way you can heal your body or soul, get into a ministry, get your business off the ground, land a new job, save your marriage, see your child succeed and your family restored or anything good come to you, without HIM.

But also trust Jesus with the impossibles. He defies logic. He’s not limited by what limits us.

Don’t ask God for something and then go contrary to the Word or against what you asked for. Don’t pray for an unbeliever and then say he would never get saved. Don’t pray for a job, baby, favour, home and then cancel out those prayers by saying its too late.

Don’t tell God all the reasons why you can’t be blessed, why you can’t get well and list all the reasons why you can’t accomplish your dream.

He says, its done.

The Word says, “Lean not to your own understanding.” Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

Yes, use common sense too to make good decisions, but don’t let logic talk you out of what God put in your heart.

Don’t TALK GOD out of His plans for you either – just because you want things done or to happen a certain way.

HE KNOWS BEST. Dream His dreams.

#GiveItToGod #JesusLovesYouLikeNoOther

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