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Monday Reflection – May 16

One thing that full time ministry has taught me – ALL of us have some story of pain.

Jesus is the greatest example of what it means to love others, especially when they are in pain. Our Lord just loved people from all walks of life, irrespective of their age, gender, social status, even religious background. He did it to the end, much to the chagrin of the ‘religious’.

Our Saviour knew what pain was – in every sense of the word.

Pain changes you. As I read once, pain is like a gale force wind, it can drive you backward or forward – depending on how you set your sail. Lord Jesus, You please set my sails for me…today and forever.

We all have had days when we aged 10 years because of the way pain hit us unexpected – trauma, shame, anxiety, rejection – terrain that angels fear to tread.

Now we meet people who have had worse. The world is full of lonely, hurting people who are hungry for love – for God.

Time to get rid of a selfish mindset and to pray, “God, show me how I can be a blessing to someone today.”

Don’t live a parallel life. Blend in, in powerful prayer.

Help translate their story of trauma into God’s story, our story of victory – TOGETHER!

We were commanded two thousand years ago and it still remains – love one another.

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