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Monday Reflection – May 15

Whatever life throws at you, you have the ability to turn it into good or bad.

Our elders taught us – as little children – to listen to the good angel who whispered to do good and not to the bad angel.

We have the same choice as adults too. We live in times of intense spiritual warfare. EVERY day, every moment, we have choices to make. Not just when we make major life-changing decisions – such as about ministry, studies, relationships, moving abroad, healthcare, marriage, career etc. But about being nice to strangers, lending a helping hand, not swearing, not insulting anyone in public or private, not spreading gossip, spending time with family and friends, speaking kindly to your spouse, encouraging your kid and choosing to do what is right, even when buffeted on all sides by the world.

In fact, we can even begin this in our minds – when that first jab comes from the evil one, YOU have the power to end it right there. Give it to the Lord in prayer. Do not let anything evil take root. Stop it with the Word and the authority of the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus, right then.

It is easier to stop a battle in your mind, at home, at work, at school or in church – before it begins. Else, once you join the fight, you will waste time, energy and end with scars for yourself and for others, that need to heal.

Learn to keep your peace when anything hits. Turn to God. THINK good.  Think right, so you can speak right and behave right. Do this consistently.

Eventually, it will become a habit. You will recognise each attack of the enemy – the game he plays in the battlefield of your mind – as soon as it begins. Replace it with, “What would Jesus do?”

You can’t pray all day and then go out and behave like one who has no God inside you.

And when you learn to give it all to GOD like a little child, His peace will envelop you and you will become stronger to face your battles and ultimately, to even venture into enemy territory and wage warfare in Christ’s strength.

He keeps those in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him, Because we trust in Him (Isaiah 26:3) Hallelujah.

Nothing and no one should ever steal your peace when you belong to the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ.

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