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Monday Reflection – March 7

Sometimes God has to keep us desperate – to truly want HIM. The Israelites had this happen to them over and over in the Old Testament. They messed up, turned to God and He forgave and they messed up again.

If you truly WANT God in your life, you will continue to obey HIM, in the big and the small things of life, every moment. That would mean some killing of ‘what we want’.

Do NOT listen to what you want, authority wants, people want – though it may seem appealing to you or others. If you struggle or mess up, none of these will be around. GOD FIRST, every step of the way.

God’s work done HIS way will never lack His supply.

Sometimes we may have listened to well meaning people, self or even what we thought was God and moved away from what was God’s best plan for our lives.

Jesus can always bring you back, but you lose precious time and gather and inflict new hurts and losses which need healing, in the meantime.

Follow GOD, your heart and don’t live a lie. Don’t be trapped forever in a painting that will crack.

Find His strength to step out of the frame.

Make amends TODAY, before it is too late. That is true victory in Christ.

#InHisServiceAlone #ObeyGodAtAnyCost

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