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Monday Reflection – March 20

Read long ago that ‘busyness’ is satan’s chief tactic against keeping us close to God. True.

If we are too busy, we try to make up by sleeping less, waking up earlier, staying up later. None of these help in spending quality time with God. And unless we spend THAT time, we do not grow in His nature.

His holiness, His power needs to permeate each situation, each moment of our lives and for that, we need to get Him into the picture. And staying busy fights just that. Even the most religious fight with empty gas tanks if we don’t get time with GOD, speaking to Him, listening to Him and reading and using the Word.

Busyness keeps us away from the very family we work hard to provide for. Your loved ones might need the perks you wish to give them, but they – especially the oldest and the youngest – need YOU more. Your time, your love. And gifts that come from your hard work is just one of the love languages that you can speak. Quality time, thoughtful deeds, listening ears, companionship are more important. And that comes only when you are available. NOW, not 10 years later when you are retired. When you look up finally, some of those people might not be around.

Just realised that we live in a hectic world with hectic schedules. Also realised that isn’t going to change. What can change is our priorities.

Make time for GOD first. Then for family and friends. For your own self too. Makes your world and your own self healthier, happier and blessed.

Time is flying by. Use it wisely.

#JesusIsLord #GodsGirl

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