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Monday Reflection – June 5

When a person thinks he has all the choice and when a person really has no choice – these are two moments when you can learn a person’s true character.

People are faced with choices daily. Good or evil. Truly honest or shadily deceitful. It’s not shades of grey; most choices are plain black or white.

Even if you are seven or seventy, your choices matter – to yourself, your inner circle and even to strangers you bump into, in the journey of life.

God has given us His Word, to make right choices instead of wrong ones. The Bible doesn’t cover every single thing that you might need to make a choice about. But if you’re a believer, you have the Holy Spirit living inside you. And He can guide us and lead us.

So far today, you have already made choices – from daily ones about your wake up, food habits, exercise, work, studies, prayer, interactions with people, career moves, finances, parenting, marriage, lifestyle and what not. Check with God to see if all of those were truly wise and godly and make amends if needed.

God gave us free will. Everybody wants that. But there’s also a responsibility that comes with being able to make your own choices. To yourself and to the society at large.

Start with the way you think. Take each thought and make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5) Speech comes next. Then behaviour. Godly choices will never wound God, break you or destroy anyone you love.

You could be an elder, a top shot, a celebrity, a leader. If you don’t chose to honour God in all things and treat people well as a result,  you are a failure.

HIS peace is the result of YOUR daily choices.

Remember that.

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