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Monday Reflection – June 3

Would you change a lot if you knew you were facing death today? Would your attitude change? Would you accept JESUS, love better, forgive everything, say sorry and finally heal?

Well, some people have no more chance to. All those who died today may not have had a chance to change the course of their lives and in turn, their eternity.

Repentance – true repentance – brings about a lot of healing. Clears all the toxins from the life, situations, places.

You and I do have time to set things right. Change right now. Everything is possible for those that believe in JESUS, the Word assures us.

You and I have the power to change, change tiny moments too. Little things mean a lot.

Start with the little. Things at home, the way you treat your family and friends, the way you honour the elderly, the way you speak to your kids, your colleagues, your neighbours and even strangers.

GOD gives us daily chances to change and become more like HIM.

So next time you wanna get mad, say or do things you don’t really want to but cant help doing, just stop. Think it over. Invite Jesus in to that moment. Meditate on what JESUS would want.

Then change. Keep it going. In His grace and strength.

#HonourGodAlways #LivingChristlike

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