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Monday Reflection – June 13

It is easier to go to saints on earth or in heaven to ask them to pray for you. It is harder to wait on God, read the Word daily, get your own mind delivered from anything that hinders your spiritual walk.

Get yourself delivered. Talk to your flesh and discipline it. Bring each flaw under the Blood of Jesus, step by step. It is a day to day, moment by moment process.

You can have all the spiritual support you need, but until you discover what blocks the flow of God’s love in your own life and rectify things, you will pretty much remain the same.

Jesus hated the legalistically holy ‘whitewashed tombs’. He repeatedly asked them to clean what was on the inside. A good message to each one of us.

Get rid of the all the controlling, unforgiving, spiteful, jealous, manipulative, angry and gossipy spirits that try to cause much harm to the body of Christ.

Don’t come out of the battles just sugar-coated and still ugly inside, but come out perfected by God’s fire.

The inner man never dies. The outer man, that is dying – is polished, powdered and groomed daily. We feed our bodies many times a day, the inner man needs to be fed too.

Fill yourself with the Word of God and practise it. Then go and do great and mighty things in your own corner – that God has anointed you to do.

#SeekYourSpiritualDestiny #GodFirstNotReligion

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