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Monday Reflection – July 4

One of the challenges facing us daily is seeing those who have ‘gotten it all together’ and trying to measure up. Everyone seem to be receiving answers to prayer, living happy, marking milestones, making money, living the life. While you seem to be kept on hold or are barely crawling along.

And we are raising a generation that is restless and so ill-prepared to face any challenges – to be content and genuinely happy with life. Serving God too seems like a race – with each wanting a gold medal. And many are giving up defeated.

Be honest in life and in ministry. Only truth will set you and others free.

No one can completely live up to the image of a perfect Christian; they would look into the mirror and see something different in themselves.

The daily Christian lives with heartbreaks, rejection, loss, hour by hour problems, family and work crises and even depression.

Lean to deal with it with God.

Then tell your story so it helps your brethren. Tell the world that just positive thinking is not enough. Denial is not an option either. Walk through your Gethsemane holding the Saviour’s hand and then blaze a holy trail.

#TurnTestsIntoTestimonies #InHisService

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