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Monday Reflection – Jan 30

Take new hurts to God the instant they occur.

Every person we meet these days has a tale to tell – of being hurt by another. Everyone is offended by someone, something. Wounded people cannot reflect God well unless they heal in His power first.

Our feelings could be unreliable and cannot be trusted to convey the actual truth. Imagined slights ruin many relationships.

It does not make sense to have Living Waters available and for you to go searching for murky solutions in sandy deserts.

Take it to the Lord in prayer. Forgive and move on.

Do not LET your hearts be troubled (John 14:27) Aah, so we do have a choice – to NOT get agitated. Recognise when you are about to get maaad.

Stop that right there. GIVE IT O GOD. Then do what’s right by His Word.

It’s always easier to prevent yourself from getting angry, take an offence, get all upset and then having to undo it all.

Life is too short for hard feelings.

#StayingInHisLight #GodsOwnPeople

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