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Christian terms cut from calendar

The London School of Economics (LSE)  has decided to remove any reference to traditional Christian titles from its academic calendar.

Names of school terms will no longer include Christ or Christianity.

Holidays called Michaelmas, Christmas, Lent or Easter will be changed to Autumn, Winter Break, Winter Term and Spring Break.

The Management Committee took the decision to change the names after discussions last term, the school announced.

The new names will be ‘more widely-recognisable and better reflect the international nature of its community’, the management has said.  The new term names will come into effect in the 2023/2024 academic year.

The reputed institution’s decision to axe Christian terms from its calendar has prompted strong reactions on social media.

“And another tradition is lost”, said Iain Murray, British-American author.

Marcus Walker, a Church of England clergyman from London, tweeted that the move was “Just pathetic” and it was  ‘happening explicitly within the context of the erasing of Christianity from the LSE’s terminologies.’

Retired naval officer Rob Scott tweeted:  “What does the ‘L’ stand for in ‘LSE’ – Ludicrous?”

Calvin Robinson, a conservative Anglican deacon said, “LSE is whitewashing Christ from the calendar…We truly live in a post-Christian Britain and it is ugly.’”

(Picture Courtesy: lse.ac.uk)

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