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Monday Reflection – Feb 27

Interesting that after seeking only ‘things’ from his father, the prodigal son went a full circle, before changing his request – from ‘GIVE me’ to ‘MAKE me’.

So, stinking pigpens and days of darkness are indeed perfect places and moments to sit still and get back on track with God…Lord, MAKE us servants, humble and meek.

God can make miracles out of our mistakes. Some of them may be our own and some made by others. We cannot control the problem, but we sure can control our reactions. So technically, the problem is not the problem, but our reaction to the problem is our actual problem.

The way we react to failures, hiccups in life is much more important than the failure itself.

We have all seen people who live out Christ by being people of love, integrity and courage, even on the their deathbeds. Then we have seen or been people who let a moment of disappointment or a small glitch in the day spoil an entire day, life.

God has given us free will to decide – to think, act and speak what is right.

Nothing, no one can stop you, except yourself.

Go on.

And be willing to stop for God all the time.

#OneMaster #AllForJesus

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