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Monday Reflection – April 25

God will either give you the thing or what it takes to get the thing.

Prayer brings angels. Praise brings God. Your attitude has a lot to do with the altitude you will go. When you meet trials of various kinds, the Bible doesn’t ask us to start complaining, but to ‘count it all joy’.

On your worst day – let the praises go up highest. Things may get worse, as that’s what happens during war. Then you just keep praising harder and wear the devil out.

Have you ever been in such deep trouble that you thought there was no way God could help you or hear your prayers? Then you should meet Paul and his friend Silas.

Miracles didn’t happen when Paul and Silas prayed. It happened when the praises went up.

Praise stills the avenger. It makes the devil shut up. Praise is a warfare tool. You do not get up and walk away from praying – that’s not the right behaviour at the midnight hour!

You were made to worship. Go on, practise your praise. Daily, moment by moment and fervently.

Make your creator smile.

#CreatedToPraise #CeaslessWorship

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