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Monday Reflection – April 11

The world is too worried about what offends someone. First think about what offends GOD. You and I do – daily.

You LIVE Jesus best when you BECOME His voice, His Hands and His thoughts.

The Bible asks you to take each thought and make it captive to JESUS. Think right. Even when satan buffets you from all sides through people and situations.

It takes incredible grace to treat people with His kindly heart – especially after they have broken yours, over and over.

It takes grace, courage and strength to accept apologies that you never received.

Think like HE would. Then speaking and behaving like a true Christian would become easy. All of us know someone who preaches religion whom we no longer respect or like because of what he/she has said or done to people. What a sad, sorry representation of JESUS!

There are people who, no matter how much you try, will simply not like you. Judge your every move. Will do anything to put spokes in your life, ministry. If only their thoughts had convicted them enough. But then you have those who will love you fiercely, will stick around for life. Your own kinda people. Let the rest go. Let GOD deal with them, hopefully more merciful than how they dealt with you. Bless them. You need that for your own sake.

The Holy Spirit is not just for speaking in tongues. He also at times makes you shut up, apologise, stop dissecting others and examine yourself.

There is not much gap between that first evil thought and the evil words and actions that follow. That is where the Holy Spirit comes in – YOU obey HIM in everything. Even the tiniest warning, conviction, reminder.

Don’t be the person who tears down.

Be the one who builds up – even in your thoughts, then in your words and deeds.

#BeingJesus #AbbasVeryOwn #LoveYouHolySpirit

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