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Jesus Inspires Initiative

It was 25 years ago, after a beautiful encounter with Christ at a teenagers’ camp that I decided to ask God, “What would You really want me to do for YOU? I asked Him how I could give myself to Him – to used for His purpose. Was it by becoming a priest? A full time missionary? Or a worship servant?

I did not get a clear answer, but each time I prayed the one phrase that kept popping up was, “Jesus Inspires”. I searched the Bible to see if this was written and what could be the context. No it wasn’t there and there was no clarity on why God would put this in my mind. I spent weeks thinking and praying over this, until He brought into my heart the following-:

Jesus Inspires you to live a holy life, Jesus Inspires you to be merciful, Jesus Inspires you to be faithful, Jesus Inspires you to be gracious, Jesus Inspires you to serve, Jesus Inspires to please God, Jesus Inspires to be more like Him, Jesus Inspires you to inspire others to be like Him.

So “Jesus Inspires” was no more just a word, or a religion or just a theological statement. It became the embodiment of the life of one man – who gave His life for us, so that we may be saved and lead others to be saved. This clarity helped me pursue a life that would be inspired by Jesus and in turn inspiring others to follow Jesus.

Over the years Jesus Inspires has become the tagline which propelled me to create concepts – to spread the Word of God through music, media and arts.

After almost 20 years of supporting – helping to create and build bands and ministries such as Life4orce, Rapture and PGT (Philip, George and Thomas) GOD gave me enough courage and experience to set up the ministry Jesus Inspires Initiatives (formally called Jesus Inspires Foundation) with the support of well-wishers and friends who are called the Board of Inspirers (BOI) – John, Nikhil, Reuben, Rishwin, Binil, Fr Georgie, Jaison, Vinay, Seby, Samuel, Jikku, Rajiv, Santo, Anoop, Lovin and Aswin – to name a few.

JII today is a ministry based out of Dubai and India with the purpose of inspiring people, as Jesus inspires us through His Life, Word and Spirit – to do good, share love, give hope and change lives.

I started developing projects and ideas to reach out to the youth, leading to the creation of music bands and the concept of 3Ps (Prayer , Preparation and Practice)  Today through songs, poetry, short movies, vlogs and blogs, GOD has opened doors for us to do more to build His ministry.

Our activities are spread across three broad areas:

  • LEADONN is the arm of the ministry that works through trainings, seminars and coaching sessions – to build servant leaders for Christ as well as help train leaders in the secular world.
  • JII Studios aims to proclaim the message of Christ through the creative arts (music, drama and events)
  • JII Grace is the arm of the ministry that provides for the needy, poor, aged, orphans and widows. Today we help to run the Grace School in Assam.

The “R.I.S.E” Series was initiated to provide leadership training to the youth of the church combined with worship sessions on the theme “Servant Leadership. The sessions were held in YWAM Kochi, YWAM Trivandrum, Ebenezer Marthoma Church, Peroorkada in 2018 and Marthoma Youth Chaplaincy, Mumbai, Build Your Business (YWAM) Dubai and TROB, Dubai.

Pit Stop is a biweekly meeting held among teens and young adults to address critical questions around their life issues, apprehensions and thoughts on their relationship with GOD and his people. The 2018 Pit Stop Conference brought together youths from various churches to understand and share vital topics on Christian living.

Lifelogs are video logs focused on creating new songs and sharing the Word through 5 min segments.

Worship United (2018 ,2019 & 2020) is a forum to bring artists of different churches together through music and the Word.

Besides online Bible studies, we have organised VBS at the Seattle Marthoma Church and Abu Dhabi CSI Church. And teen camps – Strong to Finish at Sharjah Marthoma Church and Love Your Selfie at Abu Dhabi CSI Church.

I would call myself – a vapour in the wind, a drop in the ocean, a sinner restored by GOD. Before I came to know our GOD , I had known the world. I have been in the depths of darkness and it is only by the hand of GOD that I have reached where I am today; through the gifts He has given me. I pray that I will use them for His Glory.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram (Look for Jesus Inspires Initiatives)

Deepu George aka Deeps (his mum first called him that) was born in Nigeria. Africa’s love for music and people was passed on to him. He met Jesus on the hills of Charelkunne, in Kerala. Jesus Inspires Initiative and his love for teens and young adults leads him to do more through music. Deepu is a Life and Leadership Coach and Trainer – a career that led him to his soulmate and wife Sindhu. They have 2 children – Andrew and Abigail. JII on YouTube – JII studios

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