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Best wedding entertainment

So the church is booked, you have ordered the dress and the big day is on the calendar! What next? Have you given much thought to your wedding entertainment ideas?

You are likely to have guests who are not familiar with others in attendance, so stirring activities will encourage your friends and family to mingle. But how can you make sure you find the right entertainment for all types of personalities, without settling for stale options?

There are many different types of wedding entertainment and choosing the right one is crucial. It’s your big day and you don’t want to have to worry about an amateur act spoiling it.

Many couples will tell you that a band is the perfect choice for your wedding entertainment. However you may have found an alternative act or a wedding planner who specialises in different forms of entertainment.

So let’s take a look at when is the best time to utilise their services:

Wedding breakfast

One of the most popular times for entertainment is the wedding breakfast.  The seating plans can often make or break the rapport between guests. The event planner or members of the family will visit each table in between courses and engage everyone with their unique form of mind reading. Your act could do the same!

This type of entertainment is traditionally known as Mix and Mingle. The wedding breakfast can be the first time members of the opposite family have met each other. Your act should be the perfect ice breaker and become a catalyst to help bring everyone together in a blend of laughter and amazement.


Following your ceremony and whilst the photographs are being taken, there can be lengthy periods where not everyone is engaged. Entertainment with your guests here is a fantastic idea. Magicians, Caricaturists, Musicians (especially acoustic ones) are perfect for this time. Entertainment during the photographs is one way to help eliminate stress on an already busy day. You can rely on a professional entertainer who will be flexible, fun and memorable.


Once the wedding breakfast and speeches have concluded, there will be a natural lull at your wedding. There will be a period of time before your evening guests start to arrive, so its important to keep things moving! Wedding entertainment ideas for after the speeches could be your very own show. Some performers offer after dinner entertainment. You may wish to hire a comedian or maybe some outdoor fun games, to keep people moving and not falling into a food coma!

Evening reception

As your evening guests begin to arrive it creates an interesting dynamic. You will have your day guests, who will have been with you for several hours by then. Possibly they will have had a few drinks and will be mixing with your freshly dressed evening guests. This can sometimes create a subtle divide amongst your guests and thats less than ideal.

You may opt to continue with a mingling performer, entertaining your guests close up in an informal style. This is certainly recommended up until you cut that cake and have your first dance. At that point, it’s time to turn the music up and get those dancing shoes on. Your wedding entertainment ideas here will be a range of DJ’s, Singers, Bands and other musicians.

Consider the music style, don’t go for death metal if Great Grandma is there! A well balanced music act can really bring everyone together at this point, so should be chosen wisely.

Wedding entertainment ideas have evolved significantly over the years and can be what sets a wedding over the top for guests. Good entertainment will not only keep your guests engaged throughout the reception, but will also act as an essential icebreaker.


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