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‘Elvis prayed before performances’

Elvis Presley said a prayer before his performances to settle his nerves and to ask God to bless his concerts.

In a new interview with the Observer, the rock n’ roll legend’s stepbrother Bill Stanley has said that Presley was a devout Christian who prayed before shows.

“When we saw him bow his head, then we knew. It was probably about 15 seconds long. I asked him once, ‘Why do you say the prayer before?’ He said: ‘It kind of settles my nerves but also I want God to help bless this concert, so make it a good one.’

“He always turned to God whenever he needed help.”

Billy Stanley, who also worked for the singer, told the Observer, noting that Presley did not recite the prayer aloud.

Stanley, who’s written a new book called The Faith of Elvis believes people don’t know the true depth of the singer’s Christian faith and that he relied on God for everything.

“It’s where he got his strength,” he told the newspaper.

Elvis was so appreciative of what the Lord had given him. He thanked God every day and constantly sought God’s guidance through prayer and reading the Bible, his brother said.

He added: “Everybody looked at the glitz and glamour [of Presley]. They didn’t look at the man and try to understand his faith. When you’ve spent 17 years with an individual, you get to know him pretty well.”

Stanley recalled Presley reading Bible stories to him and praying with him at bedtime around the age of seven. He said one of his fond memories was of Presley singing gospel music around the house, which he said was similar to “singing the Bible”.

Stanley also revealed the music star didn’t attend church because he thought attendees would pay more attention him than the preacher.

The Faith of Elvis is due to be published in October.

(Picture Courtesy: Reuters)

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