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Dealing with past sins

Sin, is the most formidable enemy of man, much more powerful than death itself. Sin, an ignominious enemy of humanity that degraded man from celestial glory to the lowest state in God’s agenda—which made man little above animals.

Sin, an enemy of God Himself, thorn to His divine holiness. Sin, an abhorrent stench to Jehovah, the foulest of all disgustful things that can make the Almighty Himself shrink back into His inapproachable light at a slight.

Sin connotes and denotes: unlawful acts or actions (passively or impassively done) before God and man, all vices known to mankind—sexual immorality, killing, stealing, covetousness, debauchery, drunkenness, violent (physical or abstract, verbal or non-verbal), slandering, sowing of discord, jealousy, strife and quarrel, enmity, malice, carousing, pride, falsehood, orgy, etc. And its evil: witchcraft, sorcery, occultism, idolatry, ritual killings and ritual sacrifices, divination, necromancy etc.

Sin and its effects have way of resounding in the life of an individual or people consistently, no matter the years—so dealing with it is crucial for the sake of the present and the future. A regenerated individual, especially through Christ Jesus, though is ‘a new creature, for old things had passed away’, the ugliness of the sins of the past will by no means just roll away without dealing with it.

The dark forces too are in the habit of bringing about the ugliness of the sins of the past to trap, humiliate or taunt changed (repented) individual or people shortly after their renewed life or even many years after. So you got to deal with the past sins.

Take me for example; I was an armed robber in a particular state on the wanted list. Then I travelled to another state, a year after I became a genuinely born-again pastor. On returning to the former state I got caught by the police. Do you assume the jury will acquit me of all charges just because I have changed? Certainly I do not think so, I will have to face and possibly deal with the consequences of the sinful life I had lived in the past.

Another example: assume I have been promiscuous all my life, then encounter salvation and got saved. Sadly, it was discovered I have developed sexual transmitted diseases, do you think having stopped promiscuity will make the STDs go away just like that? No, I have to deal with the result of my past promiscuity.

Assume I have been a smoker for half of my life, and then got transformed into a non-smoker. It was discovered I have developed lungs cancer over the years, do you think because I have stopped smoking the cancer will go away? No, I must deal with the cancer.

Dealing with sins of the past is a crucial stand a changed individual or people must take, and it has several steps. The first step to be taken after having been forgiven by Christ is to forgive oneself. Interestingly, this is the hardest thing to do. Ironically it is easier for one to forgive another than to forgive oneself for the sinful things one had done in the past.

Guilt and shame (understandably) are among the vital tools dark forces do use to make dealing with sins of the past hard. These, if fervent prayer is not taken to overcome them can make repented individuals (even after several years of repentance) relapse into the old sinful ways. You just have to put these guilt and shame away, for Christ has done it for you.

Sins differs; there is sin against God, sin against man, sin outside your body, sin against your body (see 1 Corinthians 6:18), mortal sin and immortal sin (see 1 John 5:16-17). Some sins are well connected to Satan and his spiritual forces that mere repentance will not free someone from their spiritual influences—these sins are spiritual covenants—highly binding on anyone that submit to their yokes.

Such sins are: sexual sins (also known as soul-ties, which connects the souls and destinies of the perpetrators together and bring them under the unlimited control of Satan the devil and demons of sexual immorality), witchcraft and sorcery (covenants with demons), occultism (covenant with Satan the devil), blood oath (covenant with elemental spirits), idolatry, ancestral worship and ritual sacrifices.

These covenants enumerated above are very strong, just repentance will simply not do to break their spiritual yokes/influences completely—it take lengthy period of time to completely free oneself from the effects accumulated over the years of sinful living—you just have to persevere not to let the effects (physically, mentally or spiritually) weigh you down in your Christian faith.

God initially did not created human to live in sin, sin was never his plan for us—it just happened. So He never wanted any of His children to sin, though He will forgive as many that repent and embrace the new life in Christ He has made available freely, but will appreciate much more for one to live righteously throughout one’s existence in this life. Sin can utter His divine plan for someone totally, and forced Him to make a new plan (which might never be the best—His first plans are always the best).

Repentance and seeking Christ forgiveness through confession of the mouth from one’s heart and His salvation is the first step to be taken in dealing with the sins of the past. Then putting away guilt and shame and devoting one’s new life to Christ teachings for physical and spiritual nourishment is another finer step to be taken.

Dealing with effects of this sometime will see that you retrace your step and make amendment to people you have erred in the past, or mend what you have destroyed while living in sin which can be anything, but you have to get it or them done. Thereafter begin the long Christian battle with these relentless forces to free your soul and destiny from their influences/effects or control through the covenants (not from their powers, Christ will do that immediately someone gave his or her life to Him in confession and repentance)

Through knowledge of the effects of these past sins, fervent prayers and fasting to overcome the effects, obedience to God/Christ, prayer support from stronger Christians or ministers, you will surely overcome and live to the fullness of the ‘new creature’ in Christ Jesus.

May the Good Lord of Heaven and the Earth keep you safely in His fold till He returns.

By Samuel Olusegun Akinola

Samuel Akinola is a gifted writer, novelist, poet and graphic artist, called into the office of a prophet. He has written many articles, books, and novels. He has produced considerable volume of articles, prose (fiction and non-fiction) He has a passion for vast range of creative arts and media production. He lives in Nigeria and works passionately for Christ. For more of his works: www.solatsmagazine.com

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