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Christian séance board a trap

Retail giant Amazon is selling a Holy Spirit Board for $29.95, which claims that people can communicate directly with Jesus if they sit together in a dimly lit room, holding hands or forming a circle.

It’s the “Christian” version of the Ouija board, in which participants receive spelled out messages and answers to their questions from spirits or other so-called supernatural entities. The “Holy Spirit Board,” features artwork of angels and the crucifixion, and a golden “magic cross” planchette  – used to facilitate the alleged writing of spiritual messages.

Catholic exorcist Fr Ernesto Caro had warned last year that what is being marketed on Amazon as a Christian “Holy Spirit” board game is “not a game” at all but instead “a trap from the devil.”On a segment of EWTN News Nightly, Fr Caro, an exorcist in the Diocese of Monterey, Mexico, said that “the devil is always looking for different ways that he can trap all the victims that he can take for him, and this is one.”

Produced by Holy Spirit Games, the game is described as a “Christian Religious Talking Board for Séance with Planchette,” that is “perfect for churches, prayer groups or just getting together with friends.”

A séance is a gathering where people attempt to make contact with spirits or dead people. It is pure divination and is typical of what is done in occult rituals.
Some users have claimed the board “has reignited their faith” helped them gain better clarity on what God is saying to them as they put their hands on the cross planchette.Many Christians are highly sceptical, raising concerns that the game is demonic, blasphemous and deceiving people into witchcraft.

One user commented on YouTube: “If you want to hear God speak, read the Bible.”

Amazon reviewer Rachel warned: “This is 100% against scripture! God communicates with you through the scriptures of the Holy Bible, not a board off of Amazon. If you are receiving communication using this board, then you are communicating with demonic spirits.”

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