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Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev, also known in Ukrainian and Russian cuisines as Côtelette de volaille, is a dish made of chicken fillet, pounded and rolled around cold butter, then coated with eggs and bread crumbs, fried and baked.

A Russian chef invented Chicken Kiev in the early 1800s. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine but Chicken Kiev did not get its name from there. The dish got its name when it was marketed for Russian restaurants in Europe and America. Enough said. To us, Chicken Kiev is chicken wrapped around a garlic butter, dredged through breadcrumbs and then fried into crispy golden deliciousness.

Into a bowl, place 5 pods of chopped garlic, a pinch of salt and mix well. Add 100 grams softened butter, 2 tbs chopped fresh parsley and mash with a fork, until well combined. Freeze this mix. (This can be saved for up to 3 days in the freezer)

Lay 2 chicken breasts on a chopping board. Taking each chicken breast, use a sharp knife to make a deep pocket inside and spread it out to form a butterfly shape. (Be careful not to cut all the way through or the butter will leak out while cooking) Using a meat mallet, pound the chicken breasts flat. Push a spoon of butter inside each chicken breast and seal it with your hands. Roll these into small balls and cover in cling film. Refrigerate.

Take three bowls. Into the first, add 5 tbs plain flour. In the second bowl, beat 2 eggs well.  In the third bowl, mix 5 tbs breadcrumbs and 3 tbs grated Parmesan cheese.

Take out the frozen chicken shaped into balls, remove the cling film, dip each into the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs, repeating so each Kiev has a double coating and stays extra crispy. Chill for at least 1 hour.

Heat 3 cups oil in a large frying pan over a medium-high heat. Fry the Kievs for 2-3 mins each side until golden brown. Transfer to a baking tray and bake for 20-25 mins on 180 degrees, until cooked through.

Serve hot with salad, roast vegetables.

When you pull this off, you’ll enjoy one of the greatest ‘garlic, butter and chicken’ experiences of your life time.

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