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All is well; Christ still reigns

Hmm, a sigh escaped me as I penned down this inspired message.

Never in my more than three decades of living have I witnessed this ‘Silent Easter’ as this one of 2020. No Easter lights, no Easter puddings, no Easter funfair celebrations, no Christian gatherings, and no pastor on decorated pulpit dashing out Easter message to colourful Christians in their fancy clothes.

The few who can were doing so in the security of their homes through the internet as Covid-19 ravaged the world—eating through our core values of life as if fuelled by all the demons of hell.

Holed up in my small room, obeying the stay-at-home order, I can’t help but wonder what have we done wrong? Where have we missed it?

Has our Lord Jesus Christ himself no more delight in our usual colourful celebrations of his death and resurrection which we remember year after year? Now there is fear in the heart of ‘almost everyone’ and the silent question is ‘is this the end?’ Has God Almighty dispatched disease to sweep the earth before His arrival?

This is more so considering how fast the mighty are fallen; proud and powerful countries are now on their knees, contending helplessly with the most powerful enemy in the world as at now that can’t be nuked, watching helplessly as thousands upon thousands fall to death.

I looked into the heavens hoping for revelation as to ‘why’ but got nothing; perhaps all I got for my efforts was mockery from the pit of hell itself. Yes, the host of hell is having their laugh now; their contempt for humans is bringing the world to its knee. Now it’s their time to kill with disease, but where do the Christians fit in?

Well, we can only turn to the Holy Bible for answers, where God had foretold everything. The end has not come but our victory in Christ is near.

Yes, the host of hell (including human’s satanic force as well) is trying to tie up loose ends, quickly snatching lost souls to their home.

This is a ‘battle call’ to the ‘giant in Christ’ to stand up against the whims of Satan, Christ expects us to light up the world, that’s the essence of his death, resurrection and ascension, not our usual ceremonious elaborated celebrations.

This period will pass because of the cries of the saints; God has pardoned the world for now.

Yes, Covid-19 will pass away along with all its conspiracies theories. Until it does let the righteous say, ‘ through the love of Christ our Saviour, all is well.’ Rescue the perishing, save the dying, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, defend the defenseless, help the poor, provide for the needy, preach the gospel, teach the Bible and pray without ceasing.

Either in living or in dying ‘all is well’—Christ still reigns!

By Samuel Akinola

Samuel Akinola is a gifted writer, novelist, poet and graphic artist, called into the office of a prophet. He has written many articles, books, and novels. He has produced considerable volume of articles, prose (fiction and non-fiction) He has a passion for vast range of creative arts and media production. He lives in Nigeria and works passionately for Christ. For more of his works: www.solatsmagazine.com

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