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You may not be Sarah, your problem may not even be as complicated as that of Sarah in the Bible, but the same God who visited Sarah is still looking for women to visit and put laughter in their mouths.

You may not be Hannah, your problem may have even lasted longer than that of Hannah, but the same God that visited Hannah in the Bible and changed her story is still showing up for women and turning their stories around.

In Genesis 21:1, God showed up at Sarah’s door. This was no ordinary visit. The Almighty, the King of Glory, the Reproach Remover, the Situation Changer, the God that makes the impossible possible, came to visit Sarah and 4 amazing things happened in her life:


God has made so many promises to us. Promises of long life, good health, divine provision and protection. Promises of good success, promises not to allow us see shame, promises to plant us in families of our own. A divine visitation activates the promises of God. It transforms the promises from mere words to a living reality of the faithfulness of God. It moves the promises from something written on paper, to something that has actually manifested in our lives.

For years there had been this promise hanging on Sarah’s life. She had received a promise of fruitfulness from God, yet she remained barren for many years until the day God visited her. Today I pray for you that God in His mercy will visit you and every promise hanging over your head, every promise that appears like nothing more than something written on paper will come alive in your life. Every Word God has spoken concerning you will come to pass as God visits you. God’s visitation is proof of the authenticity of God’s Word and God’s faithfulness to His Word. May you experience a divine visitation this season that will load your life with living proofs of the faithfulness of God.


When last did you have a celebration? I’m not talking about your birthday or wedding anniversary. Those are good celebrations, but I’m talking about the kind of celebration that people show up just to confirm if it’s really true that what they thought could never happen to you has actually happened.

At the age of 90, so many people had concluded that Sarah would never have a child of her own. Medically speaking, her womb was as good as dead (Romans 4:19) so, she was the last person in the world anyone was expecting to receive an invitation from for her child’s naming ceremony, baby shower or baby dedication, but God gave Sarah the kind of celebration that shocked people. Those that had been laughing at her came to laugh with her.

When people are laughing at you it means there’s something in your life they are using to mock you. When people laugh with you, it means God has given you something or done something in your life that makes people come and rejoice with you. I pray that God will visit you and the mouths of those that have been mocking you will be silenced and they will come and rejoice with you. God will visit you and give you the kind of celebration that will amaze those who hear about it; a celebration that will cause all those that have concluded that your case is over and finished to know that only God can have the final say in a person’s life (Genesis 21:6-7).


I’m sure you know what it feels like to pray about something all through a year and the year comes to an end and you didn’t receive that thing. When this happens, you have to take that same prayer point into the next year. Some of us have carried the same prayer point from one year to another year for so long. For 5, 10, 15, 20 even 30 years in some cases, we have been praying about a particular thing, yet we haven’t seen a change, we haven’t received the answer to our prayer. It can be painful and disheartening.

Sarah had this long-standing problem of barrenness she had been carrying from one year into another year. Every time people said Happy New Year to Sarah, the problem was right by her side. It had become like a close companion that followed her everywhere. It was an obstacle that refused to bulge for anything and anyone, until God visited her and severed the link between her and that long-standing problem. I pray that this season the Lord God Almighty will visit you and every link between you and any long-standing problem will be completely cut off. Every problem that is determined to follow you everywhere, every problem that has been in your life for so long that it’s hard to imagine you without that problem will be turned into a testimony this year in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!


Sarah was not a perfect woman. She was far from perfect. She tried to force things to happen in her own way and time and went against God’s plan by providing a son for her husband through her Egyptian servant (Genesis 16:1-2). She was so mean to Hagar, her Egyptian servant that Hagar had to run away from her (Genesis 16:6-7). She doubted God’s Word and promise and laughed in disbelief when God told her he would bless her with a child (Genesis 18:10-12). She even lied to God that she didn’t laugh when God asked her why she laughed (Genesis 18:14-15). Her life was full of flaws and failings, but God in His mercy put all that aside and came to visit her.

I pray that God in His mercy will overlook all your mistakes and sins of the past and visit you. May He visit you and in His loving kindness and tender mercies, give you those things that you are not physically, spiritually or financially fit and qualified to receive.

If you desire a divine visitation this day, pray this simple prayer:

O Lord, look upon me with mercy and visit me. Father, please visit me and do the humanly impossible in my life today. Visit me and roll away every reproach in my life. Visit me and turn my weeping to rejoicing in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!

By Tesh Njokanma

Tesh Njokanma is a lawyer by training whose heart is in writing. She is a prolific writer with over 15 years experience as a magazine editor. Tesh is a pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, with a teaching and prayer ministry. She is married to Chude Njokanma and blessed with children. Tesh and her family are based in Lagos, Nigeria. More of her amazing writing is here: http://www.teshnwritings.com/

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