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Our top 5 Christmas movies

Christmas is our favourite festival and the most favourite time of the year. There is magic in the air. Feelings of love and care. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to make precious memories to be cherished with close friends and family.

The years 2020 and 2021 have taught us in more than one way what is faith, hope, belief and most of all what love is all about. The losses have been irreparable for many, but there have many moments to be grateful about.

Though this Christmas won’t be the same, here are top 5 Christmas movies which will make you feel good.

Watch these gems with your loved ones:

1) The Polar Express (2004) – Based on Chris Van Allsburg’s textured children’s book, the movie not only is a visual masterpiece but also emotionally rewarding. The movie reaffirms the three magical words hope, faith and believe, these three meaningful aspects of life is what keeps us going and treading ahead.

The voice over by Tom Hanks of the significant characters is just awesome.

I can watch this movie again and again and feel hopeful yet again.

2) Home Alone (1990) – Despite all the fun factors, the movie is a complete heart warmer; the importance of family portrayed very well.

The pranks by the child star then Macaulay Culkin were hilarious to the core and definitely not meant to be tried in real life by any child!

Thirty years since the movie was released and it’s still as much entertaining as when we first watched it.

3) The Santa Clause (1994) – Don’t we all just love the mere thought of Santa Clause and the magic he spreads across the world.

Well the movie is definitely magical and spreads some great cheer. Tim Allen as the Santa Clause is quite adorable.

The focus is on father-son bond and its portrayed in the most humane manner. A must watch to bring in some magic into your home.

4) The Holiday (2006) – A movie like in the olden times where everything that possibly could go wrong does go wrong and eventually everything falls into place during Christmas.

Completely entertaining with some romance and holiday cheer thrown in. Not to forget that’s its shot in some of the prettiest locales in the US and in the UK – you would actually want to plan your next holiday in those locales.

Both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz has given fabulous performances ably supported by Jude Law and Jack Black.

Just the mushy movie you would want to watch with some hot chocolate or mulled wine or any beverage of your choice

5) It’s a wonderful life (1946) – This one is a classic, a visit and another revisit of this gem of a movie is an absolute must.

The movie will inspire you, make you feel alive, and will tell you beautifully – how we ought to be thankful and grateful for the miracle called life.

Everything about the movie is perfect – be it the story or the performances. Despite being minus frills and fancy, this one is a soul-stirring movie.

Enjoy the movies as much as I did. And enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones!

By Rimi Das

Bubbly, ever-positive, forever-smiling Rimi Das is a marketing professional from India, who has an avid interest in movies. In other words, Rimi drinks, eats and sleeps movies from across the globe. Movies inspire her to become a better person and so does travel; many of the movies she watched have taken her to new countries and has given her a new perspective to life https://www.instagram.com/rimi1234/

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