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The Happiest People On Earth

All of us have a list of must-read books and then some books which we go back to whenever we need upliftment. This book that kind.

The book is the story of a businessman named Demos Shakarian. God gave Demos a vision to form the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. The fellowship grew to over 8000 Chapters in 150 Countries and is still very active today.

His vision has inspired millions of me and women to full fill their God given destiny and it has had a major impact in the Christian World for over 60 years.

There’s some Old Testament flavour: a prophecy prompted Shakarian’s grandfather to leave Armenia for the west coast of the USA, where his son Isaac and grandson Demos became exceptionally prosperous farmers. Men and women who came together from the tiny village of Kara Kala, Armenia, listening to the voice of prophecy so that other generations would not be snuffed out – the book tells their stories. It follows the journey of Demos and his family from Armenia to America, with miracles all along the way.

Demos is a simple dairy-farmer that steps out in faith, holding small evangelistic rallies…that grow to huge meetings…then to a worldwide ministry to business men and business women.

The power of God shows up, miracles happen and lives are transformed. What’s especially encouraging is the emphasis that anyone can be used by God as they allow Him to flow through their work, personality and gifting.

So many have been touched by Demos Shakarian’s willingness to follow the Lords voice. More prosaically, the book provides an account of Shakarian’s activities as a revivalist impresario who arranged big tent meetings for the likes of Charles S Price and William Branham, before moving on to his establishment – with encouragement from Oral Roberts.

The FGBMFI was conceived to involve more men in revivalism, and after a shaky start and struggle that lasted a year, success of course follows, with branches across America and abroad. Among those Shakarian meets on his journeys are “Papa Doc” Duvalier and Fidel Castro.

Apparently Shakarian was responsible for bringing John and Elizabeth Sherrill to Pentecostalism, and the Sherrills describe miracle healings and messages from God abounding throughout.

God even intervenes to assist Shakarian’s dairy business, healing his cows of TB and supernaturally pointing out the best bulls to buy for breeding.

This book will inspire you to do great things for the Lord as you discover your gift and live to fulfil your call. It proves with solid examples that God wants to partner with us to see the lives of every man, woman and child saved. He will use any person who is willing to heed His call.

Grab a copy. You will not regret it; you will go back to it on your hard days too.

Rating 9/10

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